Jack's Track in Winter - Rupanyup

16-18 Cromie Street, Rupanyup VIC 3388, Australia

Jack's Track in Winter - Rupanyup

16-18 Cromie Street, Rupanyup VIC 3388, Australia
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This walk is of Jack's Track and combines the addition of the Rupanyup Recreation Reserve and the Rupanyup Memorial Park.

Jack's Track in Winter - Rupanyup

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Jack's Track and the Rupanyup Memorial Park is a well used grou of walking tracks and hosts some exciting activities throughout the year.

Starting opposite the public toilets and Boydy's Take Away shop, you will find ample safe parking that is paved and under shade trees. Take the footpath to the Post Office and then right along Gibson Street to the Rupanyup Recreation Reserve.

Walk around the oval where marked and take the exit across the road, past the old Flour Mill and Silos, to then start running along Jack's Track.

The track meanders through small areas of native scrub land and turns along a long avenue of gum trees. There are seats for a rest along the way. Follow the avenue to the end where the track turns left and enters some parkland with water ponds.

The track turns after a short stretch and exits beside a bench where the tired walker can take a break.

The track heads westwards toward the Fraynes Avenue.

At the roadway, the track crosses the road and turns left back towards the main town.

Follow the track until almost opposite the Catholic Church where you can either return to the town or take another right turn and head across the Wimmera Highway to join up with the Rupanyup Memorial Park and Billabong track.

When across the highway, turn right and run alongside the billabong towards the Memorial park.

At the park, there is a Caravan Park, BBQ covered in a Sound shell building and some picnic seats that are all under cover.. There is an amenities block where there are toilets as well as showers.. There is also drinking water available here.

Continue along past the amenities block to the playground and Light Horse Memorial>

Turn around and back past the amenities block through the park and round the Billabong over a footbridge and out across Connelly Parade and back to the main street.

Walk across the road opposite the Post Office to the middle of the main street and then down to your car in the parking areas in the middle of the main street.

That's it.. Time for a toilet break or walk over the road for a drink at Boydy's again.


Points of Interest

1. Sign to show the way to Jack's Track entrance

The sign to look for

2. The entry to Jacks Track

Jacks Track heads in to the bush, the old flour mill is on your right hand side.

3. The Old Rupanyup Flour Mill

The Old Rupanyup Flour Mill

4. Historic Sign to describe the mill

Historic Sign to describe the mill

5. Jack's Track heads into the scrub

Into the scrub

6. Bird Bowers

There are the remnants of bird bowers as well as an abundance of wildlife in this area at times, including Kangaroos, Wallabies and many parrots etc.

7. A bench seat for a rest

A bench seat for a rest

8. A good track condition

A good track condition in a wonderful scrub area

9. The avenue of the gums

There is a long avenue below gum trees that shade in summer and lighten the rain in winter

10. Plenty of seating along the walk

The seating is in good condition

11. There is a left turn here

There is a left turn as there is a channel for water into some ponds that stops the walk here.

12. Ponds along the walk leads to a large dam

The water ponds in the late afternoon.

13. The main reservoir

The main reservoir which provides water for the Recreation Reserve in summer

14. The historical sign explaining the project here

The historical sign explaining the project here

15. Jack's Track is well used

Keep an eye out for runners, cyclists and people walking dogs.

16. A sign describing some birdlife here.

Learn a little about the native birdlife in the area

17. A place to rest and relax and take in the world

There is another seat to rest here

18. Exit, stage left

There is a left turn before the gravel road

19. The avenue of gum trees starts again

The avenue of gum trees starts again

20. The Rupanyup Golf Club

The Rupanyup Golf Club is off to the right of this track and if you play, seek a few rounds here.

21. Avenue under gumtrees

Avenue under gumtrees

22. A view into the Golf Course

A view into the Rupanyup Golf Course

23. Along the gravel road by the Golf Course

The scene along the gravel road by the Golf Course

24. Cross the road

Here, you should take care when crossing the road

25. The history behind Jack's Track

Read all about Jack Johnston

26. Historic location of what was called Milltown

Milltown info

27. Along the track

Head back toward the main town centre

28. The common

Read a little about the town common area

29. A view of the common

The rural views around the town in winter

30. The track head into the town

Follow the track towards the town until a three way signpost

31. Main sign post to direct you across the highway to the Billabong track

Main sign post to direct you across the highway to the Billabong track and Memorial park

32. Follow the billabong track towards the Memorial Park

Follow the billabong track towards the Memorial Park

33. Seating is here

There are seats available on the track

34. Good seating

A load of rest stops if you need to stop

35. A footbridge

a footbridge over the creek flows

36. BBQ under cover.

At the BBQ is a host of information regarding local residents that have served in wars

37. More on the BBQ and picnic area

It is a good BBQ and picnic spot

38. Kids playground

An excellent playground is available for the kids

39. Playground

If you have kiddies, they will love this area

40. Lawson Memorial

The light horse memorial

41. Lest we forget

Lest we forget

42. In memory of those who served and the fallen

In memory of the locals who served in WW1

43. Amenities Block

Amenities Block that houses toilets ,showers etc

44. This is a caravan park

The caravan park fee is $10 a night with power

45. The way out

The way out towards the main road over the footbridge

46. The footbridge

Walk over the footbridge

47. Cross Over Connelly Parade

Cross Over Connelly Parade

48. Look out for the headers and tractors

The yard of tractors almost marks the end of your walk

49. Public Toilets

There are clean and tidy brick toilets on the corner of Walter and Cromie (main) Streets.

50. Boydy's Take Away

A take away for all those drinks etc..

51. Rupanyup Post Office

The main point of presence in Rupanyup

52. Gibson Street

There are good footpaths in Gibson Street

53. Entrance to the Rupanyup Recreation Reserve

Entrance to the Rupanyup Recreation Reserve, walk in past the hut and turn right

54. The Rupanyup Community Centre beside the oval

The Rupanyup Community Centre, Netball Hall, Grandstand and Showgrounds buildings beside the oval, walk to the middle of the buildings where the driveway leads through

55. Run around the oval

Take the main driveway around the oval.


Historical Interest Historical Interest
Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
General General
Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Wheelchair Friendly Wheelchair Friendly
Drinking Water Available Drinking Water Available
Seating Available Seating Available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly


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