Buckley Falls upstream

31 Buckley Falls Road, Highton VIC 3216, Australia

Buckley Falls upstream

31 Buckley Falls Road, Highton VIC 3216, Australia
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This a great walk to do with kids. It is varied and lots of spots along the walk to rest and take in the view. Kids will enjoy getting close to the river and perhaps experiencing some rock hopping.

Buckley Falls upstream

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Park your vehicle at the lower Buckley Falls carpark on Buckley Falls Road. Turn left/ follow the signs to "Riverside walk to Mill". The track splits into two, but you can take either track. I always take the lower track because it goes close to the river and my kids like to rock hop. Stay and enjoy the calm of the river for a while.

You will then go up some stairs which will take you to the lookout over Bunyip Pool. There is a great view of Bunyip Pool and the Old Paper Mill. There is also another carpark here.

Continue upstream and follow either track towards the lower lookout. This lower lookout could be your turnaround point or you could continue further upstream along the goat track.

Be extra wary of snakes on this track as some of it can get a bit overgrown.
This part of the track is not suitable for a pram.

It is much quieter down this end of the river and you will notice plentiful birdlife - Herons, Egrets, Swamphens and blue wrens.

You can continue alongside the Barwon River until you get to the end of the track at Rivergum Drive.

At this point, you can go back the way you came or you can take the high road and cut across the grassy parkland and through to the tall stand of pine trees which takes you back to the lower lookout.

You can then walk back along the same route to your vehicle.


Points of Interest

1. The view from the carpark

This is a lovely spot to picnic before or after your walk

2. Riverside track

Take the riverside track for better views of the river

3. Barwon River rock hop spot

Great place to rock with the kids and first view of the paper mill

4. Steep stairs

These stairs take you to the first lookout of Bunyip pool

5. Bunyip Pool Lookout

Great view of Bunyip Pool and further upstream of the Barwon River

6. Lower lookout

From the lower lookout, you can get closer to the falls themselves and also a view of downstream. A suitable spot to stop and rest

7. Goat track

Access to the goat track where you can continue further upstream

8. Rough track

watch your step as the track is rough and can vary along the way

9. resting point/bird viewing

a nice spot to rest and/or do some birdwatching

10. Bushy track

the vegetation becomes more dense . Fun for the kids walking through here!

11. end of the track

the riverside track ends here and you can choose to go back the way you came or cut across the top, back to the lower lookout.

12. taking the "high road"

you can take a short-cut back to the lower lookout

13. stand of pine trees

a lovely area for the kids to play among the pine trees, including a great big climbing tree. Just be wary for hazards here such as barbed wire.


Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
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