Westgate Park 2 Lakes

5-7 Wharf Road, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Westgate Park 2 Lakes

5-7 Wharf Road, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia
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Pleasant easy walk with city views and great photo opportunities around the salt lake . The salt lake is pink over the warmer months

Westgate Park 2 Lakes

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The SALT LAKE is less than 1 km from the sea, and quite deep possibly below sea level. The lake is pink due to what is believed to be the natural interaction of:
-a harmless, single cell green alga.
-a harmless Halobacteria.
In responce to very high salt levels, temperature and light, the colour intensifies as the water evaporates in summer heat and salt content increases.

Pink lakes are rare. There are several in the Murray-Sunset National Parkin Victoria, some in Western Australia and a handful in other countries.


Points of Interest

1. Park Entrance

Catch Bus 235 or 606 to get to the Entrance.

2. Disused Rail Line

Cross Rail were left

3. Pond

Walk off main road past pond to end of path. The pond is usually filled with water and birds. Seat provided.

4. Walk Bridge

Go left at end of path onto road down to walk bridge over the freshwater lake. At the end of the bridge continue left to the windmill.

5. Working windmill

The windmill is used to shift water from the freshwater lake storage to ponds and billabongs around the park

6. Highest point

At the windmill make a righthand turn up the hill to the highest point of the park to enjoy city lake and bridge views. There is a seat provided. Retrace your steps to the windmill.

7. Freshwater lake

Great spot to view birds and sculptures. There is also a picnic table on the right.

8. To the pink lake

Continue along the road across the intersection to the track on your right to the pink lake edge

9. The pink lake

The rare pink lake. The lake is best viewed in the warmer months at the alga is heat sensitive. Continue left around the lake enjoying the views and photo opportunity.

10. Revegetation

Enjoy the revegetation of Westgate Park. The Friends Group plant approximately 20 000 plants and 300 species in the park annually. Continue around the salt lake edge to the grass area.

11. Todd Road car park entrance

Great views across the grassed area to the Saltwater lake and Westgate Bridge.

12. Why?

Why is the lake pink?

13. BBQ

Time to relax. Shelter, toilets and seats. Continue right on the lower path past the freshwater lake. Take the side trip to theft viewing platform. A seat to view the often nesting swan provided.

14. Prototype bridge span

After enjoying the pink lake and Westgate views continue left through the grasslands under the prototype bridge span and notice board. The structure can be climbed to provide lake views.

15. Swan Viewing

There is a good viewing platform from which to watch the birds.

16. Friends

Continue back to path to the crossroad, pass through the gate posts and past the "Friends of Westgate Park" compound. Volunteers meet 8.30am every Monday and Tuesday come and enjoy the fun!

17. Propagation

Hardwork in the nursery or just having fun? Continue past the nursery to the disused rail line back to the bus terminus.

18. Lizards

If you are quiet and look carefully, you can often see a variety of reptiles, such as this magnificent Blue Tongue Lizard.


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