Point Cook wetlands and town centre

LOT RES3 Alamanda Blvd, Point Cook VIC 3030, Australia

Point Cook wetlands and town centre

LOT RES3 Alamanda Blvd, Point Cook VIC 3030, Australia

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This walk takes you through three different wetlands in Point Cook, winding its way through suburban streets to reach the award-winning Point Cook town centre.

Point Cook wetlands and town centre

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This walk takes you through three different wetlands in Point Cook, winding its way through suburban streets to reach the award-winning Point Cook town centre.


Point Cook is known for its wetlands, but these three are tucked away within residential streets!

FACILITIES: There are playgrounds in many of the wetland areas, with fantastic equipment and look outs perfect for children of all ages. BBQs and picnic areas too. Drinking fountains and toilets are not as easily located. Nearby sports fields would be better equipped, if you need to find a loo.

HAZARDS: As with many wetlands, there are plenty of signs warning to beware of snakes. Best to wear proper walking shoes and watch where you're going when walking through long grass.

TRANSPORT: Bus routes 494 and 495 operate from Williams Landing Station to Point Cook South. Route 494 travels north to south cutting through Point Cook residential streets; while route 495 travels via Point Cook town centre and stays on the major roads.

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Points of Interest

1. Alamanda Boulevard and Food Store

Catch the 494 bus from Williams Landing Station to Alamanda Boulevard. Drop into the Alamanda Food Store if you need a snack before setting out to explore the Alamanda Wetlands and surrounds.

2. Alamanda Wetlands

This area is a maze of boardwalks and jetties, flanked by Club Alamanda (a private club for local residents), a new retail shopping precinct and Sneydes Rd. The area captures storm water drainage too.

3. Playgrounds and facilities

There are numerous play areas in the Alamanda Wetlands Park, including a five-seater circular swing! Plenty of BBQs and undercover picnic tables for families and large groups to gather around.

4. Alamanda Wetlands (east)

Cross over Alamanda Boulevard and head east through Alamanda Wetlands. Keep an eye out for visiting birdlife and other creatures. Follow the boardwalks until you reach Sneydes Road.

5. Edgewater Walk

Walk north on La Rochelle Boulevard until you reach Hemsley Promenade and Edgewater Walk, an east-west wetland that's perfect for strolling about. There are a few BBQs here, but mostly it's nature.

6. Lennon Boulevard

Walk north along Lennon Boulevard until you reach Dunnings Road. While this is a residential street, it offers a contrast to the wetlands you've just explored and takes you to the next nature park.

7. Boardwalk Wetlands

Cross Dunnings Rd, walk past the cricket oval to reach the Boardwalk Wetlands. This large nature precinct is known for providing a range of habitats to an array of birdlife and other creatures...

8. It's time to wander...

The Boardwalk Wetlands are the perfect place to wander, weaving on and off pathways and boardwalks, happening upon new worlds with each turn. Walking around the edges here just won't do!

9. Watch out for wildlife

See if you can find a family of feathered creatures while you wander about The Boardwalk Wetlands. It's not hard if you keep your eyes open. Listen out for rustling in the shrubs and swaying grasses!

10. Lookout

Don't be fooled, one of the playgrounds is actually a look out. It looks identical but without the bells and whistles, slides and ladders. Walk to the top of this vertical boardwalk and gaze out.

11. Playgrounds

If you must stop for a play, this is a great spot for it. This playground wends its way up using boardwalk ramps, offering the chance to feel big and tall above the wetlands and nearby town centre.

12. Frog Dreaming Sculpture

As you walk towards the Point Cook town centre, keep the Boardwalk Wetlands on your left. he Frog Dreaming sculpture is a large depiction of Growling Grass Frog eggs, a species known to the wetlands.

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13. Meet the residents

If you're lucky you'll get to see the family of swans that gather around the Frog Dreaming sculpture at dusk. Don't be alarmed if they walk right on up to you. They're definitely not shy!

14. Point Cook Town Centre

Have a wander through the Point Cook Town Centre, following the main street around to your left, past the stain-glass towering sculpture. Try not to window shop as you go. There's a lot to see here!

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15. Point Cook Library

Finish your walk at the library where you're guaranteed a chance to catch your breath in a quiet spot. When you're ready, walk to Boardwalk Boulevard to catch the 495 bus to Williams Landing Station.


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