Balaclava Young Explorer

167 National Route Alternate 1, Windsor VIC 3181, Australia

Balaclava Young Explorer

167 National Route Alternate 1, Windsor VIC 3181, Australia
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A perfect walk for inquisitive kids and adults to share. Explore some interesting nooks and crannies of East St Kilda and Balaclava (Cit of Port Phillip).

Balaclava Young Explorer

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Points of Interest

1. Start, Alma Part West

Entrance to Alma Park West. WATCH YOUR STEP (Poo Alert!) This is a dog park, so keep a look out. Dog watching can be fun though, and APW has lots of spots to sit and do it.

2. Alma Park East, Adventure Playground

Playground for all ages. Lots of guided and unguided play, places to rummage, hills to roll down - and THAT flying fox!

3. Alma Park East, Eyes on the park

They get a view, we get some passive surveillance. Everyone wins! Theres a shop down on the corner too, if you need an icecream.

4. Jervois Street Bend

If I was looking for somewhere to practice my scooting or to play street soccer, this is the place (sans cars, of course).

5. Orange Grove Park, Coffee Break

Theres a cafe, grass, trees and more places to rummage. Good spot for a bite and a rest.

6. Orange Grove Park, Playground

Good spot for the littlies - plus it's got a fence which I know helps with the supervision.

7. Carlisle Street, Busy-ness

Carlisle Street Balaclava. It must nearly be lunchtime, yeah? Lots of interesting shops and eateries. Or, if you're over it, Balaclava train station up above!

8. William Street, shortcut

You don't have to walk all the way around from Carlisle Street like I did. You could just cut through down William Street past the interesting industrial sites that have been put to new uses...

9. Alma Park West, Street Art

It wouldn't be an urban walk without street art now, would it?

10. William Street, Park and Playground

The playground's interesting, but the hidie holes and paths through the scrub (garden beds) are more interesting, I think. There's some 'art' going on here to (among other things!)

11. Woodstock Street, Back Lanes

They may not be pretty, but they are worth exploring... together.

12. Woodstock Street, A Spot to Sit

Every neighbourhood needs more of these 'parklets' - to encourage people out of their loungerooms, I think.

13. Brunnings Street, Burrow

It's paths like this that people who drive cars just don't know of, and that kids of all ages should discover for themselves.

14. Albion Street, Passageway

Oooh I wish we had more of these where I live. The locals know about it, and lots of people use it. Where are they going? Where do they come from?

15. Did you miss anything?

If you've come this far, I hope you didn't miss a couple of gems. Did you see the rope swing someone put up outside their house? What about the burrow at the end of Albion Street? Go back. Look.

16. Monkstadt Avenue, Bike and Ped Path

If this street were a person, it would give hugs to passing bike riders, I'm sure.

17. Ripponlea Station

If you took any less than 3 hours to do this walk, I reckon you missed most of it. Sandringham one way, CBD the other. Go home.


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