Ollerton Avenue Bushland Reserve

25 Stamford St, Newborough VIC 3825, Australia

Ollerton Avenue Bushland Reserve

25 Stamford St, Newborough VIC 3825, Australia
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Well-known for its orchids, this is a lovely place to take time out and has healthy remnant vegetation as well as multiple walking options along the numerous tracks that criss-cross each other.

Ollerton Avenue Bushland Reserve

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Located in the north-east of the Moe township, the main entrance to this Reserve is located at the Ollerton Ave roundabout, where you will find a large sign that provides an overview of the walking tracks you can follow. Situated within the centre of a housing estate, alternative entry points are accessible via Stamford St, Merton Court, Crowe Court, Phelps Court, McMillan Court, Norris Court, Crombie Court and Gunn Street. There is also an access point at the Lowanna Secondary College, making this a popular place for students to explore the natural bushland for both study and recreational purposes.

The Ollerton Avenue Bushland Reserve is a 10-hectare patch of Gippsland Plains Grassy Forest – a vulnerable vegetation community of very high conservation significance that has been kept in its original condition as an example of just what the Australian bush in this area was like before the landscape was colonised by European settlers. The Reserve features more than 120 native flora species within a framework of Eucalypts that include Peppermints (Eucalyptus radiata), Messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua), and Stringybark (Eucalyptus sp.). There are also numerous understory shrubs, native grasses and ground covers. It is said that you can find a native orchid or lily in flower all through the year because of the rich diversity within the Reserve; to date, 75 species have been recorded. As well, there are numerous fungi that can be spotted throughout the cooler months.

Birdwatchers enjoy visiting this Reserve as there is a surprising range of species, many passing on a migration path and stopping in this fertile piece of bushland.

Paths criss-cross each other, providing lots of choice for which way to walk. Beyond the rooftops to the west, you can see picturesque glimpses of the Great Dividing Range in the distance. There are seats along the tracks and it’s a really tranquil place to relax, as well as spending some time with the locals out for a stroll or perhaps a walk with their dog.

The Park Tracks project is an initiative of the Latrobe City Council, which acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Gunaikurnai nation. Through their cultural traditions, the Gunaikurnai identifies this area as part of their Traditional Country.


Points of Interest

1. Signage to show your walking choices

At the Ollerton Ave entrance, you are given an overview of the walking track options available to you so you can choose each time you visit a different approach.

2. A place to play

There’s plenty of room for the kids to run around in the Bushland Reserve as well as a couple of playground at the perimeters of the Reserve.

3. Walking the dog

This is a popular place for taking your pooch on an enjoyable walk through native bushland, although remember to keep your furry friend on the leash.

4. Native bushland in the middle of Moe

A visit to this Reserve showcases the indigenous landscape that used to cover this area.

5. Follow the track

Whether you follow the concrete track or cut into the Reserve on one of the many natural paths, you’ll discover a healthy mix of native bushland.

6. The Fringing Lily

Just one of the many native orchids you’re likely to see if you keep an eye out.

7. Cinnamon Bells

This is a wonderful Reserve for fans of orchids and keen photographers, with magnificent specimens such as these.

8. The Bearded Orchid

Yet another example of why this bushland reserve is so famous for its orchids.


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