Eltham to Diamond Valley Railway

Eltham, VIC 3095, Australia

Eltham to Diamond Valley Railway

Eltham, VIC 3095, Australia
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This walk takes you from the Eltham Railway Station along the Diamond Creek to the Eltham Lower Park where you will find the wonderful Diamond Valley (minature) Railway.

Eltham to Diamond Valley Railway

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Link above is to Diamond Valley Railway.

This is a great walk, Heaps to see and lots of pionts to stop. The Diamond Valley Railway is really worth a visit, it has a wonderful atmosphere and the volunteers have made it a very special place. There are often about 10 trains running at once and it only costs $3 a ride (about 10 mins), how good is that!


Points of Interest

1. Eltham Station underpass

Cross the tracks by going under the gloomy underpass.

2. The ugly car park

Don't be put off by the ugly car park and watch out crossing the road!

3. The path

Walk along Diamond St until you get to the path (gate in the fence), then you are set.

4. Eltham Central Park

If it's winter, you might even get the chance to stop and watch some local footy.

5. Eltham Trestle Bridge

The bridge was built in 1901 and is one of the last remaining on the Melbounre train network, it's a beauty!

6. The Diamond Creek

The path snakes around the Diamond Creek (if you are very lucky, you might see a snake in summer).

7. The Gate

I love this gate. Why is it there, what lies behind, does anyone know?

8. The slippery path

The path is a bit slippery here in Autumn and Winter because of the fallen rotten leaves, but beautiful nonetheless.

9. The tree

Wonderful big tree. Also there are toilets nearby. Look out for signs and paintings from the "Heidelberg School Artists Trail".

10. Wingrove Park

A nice clearing where there are often picnicners or people playing.

11. Diamond Valley Railway crossing

The first glimpse of the Diamond Valley Railway is the crossing on Main Rd.

12. Diamond Valley Railway steam train

There are lots a places to watch the trains, both diesel and steam engines. Better still, jump on and go for a ride, it is not expensive.

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