River Walk, Werribee Gorge

Myers Rd, Pentland Hills

River Walk, Werribee Gorge

Myers Rd, Pentland Hills

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3.43 km

This is a great short walk through the impressive Werribee Gorge, along the river (3.5 km return). Walking, swimming, views - what's not to like?

River Walk, Werribee Gorge

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This is a great short walk through the impressive Werribee Gorge, along the river (3.5 km return). Walking, swimming, views - what's not to like?


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* Note: See this updated advice (May 2020) from the Victoria Government regarding recreational walking at popular sites such as the Werribee Gorge State Park in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Werribee Gorge is quite a spectacular landscape, with the river cutting a ravine through the hills up to 300 metres deep. As Parks Victoria describe it: "This incredible park of 575 hectares is an amazing expanse of rocky outcrops, plummeting cliffs, rich vegetation and abundant wildlife."

There are some other, more challenging walks in the park that involve climbing up above the Gorge, but this is the easy option - a reasonably flat walk along the side of the river. Much of it follows an old aqueduct that once supplied water to Bacchus Marsh.

This is a fun walk for kids, because there are lots of places to get close to (or even into) the river and ends with a little bit of (easy) rock climbing.

This is also a good winter walk because this area has a drier, sunnier climate than Melbourne, although the track is mostly in the shade at that time of year. In the summer it is likely to be quite hot, because there are few trees and the rocks tend to reflect the sun, but you should be able to swim in the river.

The walk starts and ends at Meikles Point Picnic Area, with a nice grass area next to the river, easy access to the car park and toilets and picnic tables available.

It's easy to see why Werribee Gorge is a very popular day trip from Melbourne. As The Age said, it might leave you with the impression that "you have somehow ended up in the Northern Territory - such is the palette and grandeur of the landscape."

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- Be aware of the bushfire risk on hot summer days.
- Sorry, no dogs allowed.
- Location of the path and points of interest as depicted on the map may not be 100% accurate - follow the marked path as found on the ground. Centenary Track walk Werribee Gorge

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Points of Interest

1. Aqueduct track

Partway up the side of the Gorge, the track follows an old aqueduct, which used to provide the water supply to Bacchus Marsh.

2. Dam

An old dam creates a series of cascading pools. People swim here in the summer.

3. Gorge view

View up the Gorge

4. Valley walls

You get some great views of the massive valley walls on the other side of the Gorge

5. Beach and pool

A small beach and river pool at the base of a large cliff provides another distraction from the track

6. River view

Very pleasant view back down the valley from here

7. Rock climbing

The track crosses the face of a cliff at the edge of a large pool. Officially, the River Walk ends here. However there are wire ropes to help you get further, so it's not that challenging.

8. Beautiful pool

You'll probably be focused on traversing the steep rock face, but it's worth taking a moment to reflect on this beautiful pool.

9. Lionhead Beach

Another very pleasant pool in the stream. You might be able to see a lion's head in the cliff face.


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