Blackburn Lakeside Circuit

93 Central Rd, Blackburn

Blackburn Lakeside Circuit

93 Central Rd, Blackburn
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This beautiful circuit takes in the various vistas of Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. A number of great spots allow viewing of the lake and the waterbirds that call it home.

Blackburn Lakeside Circuit

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Start at the Blackburn Lake Sanctaury visitor centre car park, just off Central Road in Blackburn. Walk south toward the lake, then across the 'Friend's Bridge' and around past the lake. The walk takes you out on to Lake Road over the lake wall where you can view the full length of the lake. Turn left back into the Sanctuary and enjoy the scenic stroll north surrounded by native bush. At the top of the lake take the bridge across the wetland then follow the track around to the left and back along the lake edge to the visitor centre.


Points of Interest

1. Duck Point

Beautiful views out over the lake

2. Lake Views

View up the lake from the bridge

3. Blackburn Lake Wetland

Wetland at the top of the lake helps to filter stormwater as it enters the lake from the stormwater system.


Local Treasures Local Treasures
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