Heide Gardens & Sculpture Park

5 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen VIC 3105, Australia

Heide Gardens & Sculpture Park

5 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen VIC 3105, Australia
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This gorgeous walk takes you through beautiful gardens, intriguing sculptures, and a serene trail along the Yarra.

Heide Gardens & Sculpture Park

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This gorgeous walk takes you through beautiful gardens, intriguing sculptures, and a serene trail along the Yarra.

The Heide Museum of Modern Art has hosted exhibitions and works from Australia's best loved artists, including Sidney Nolan, Mirka Mora, Arthur Boyd, and emerging artists such as Paul Yore, Emily Floyd and Fiona Hall. Formerly a neglected dairy farm, the Reed family purchased the property in 1934. In designing, cultivating and building the property, the Reeds have created a lasting architectural, natural and artistic legacy. You can read more about the history of the Heide at www.heide.com.au/about/heide-story

Access by public transport: You can catch bus 903 and a take a short walk to reach Heide.


Points of Interest

1. Grand old gum trees

Beautiful gum trees greet you as you begin your walk. If you look closely enough, you might spot the Yingabeal Aboriginal scar tree.

2. Doll's House

An old milking shed that was later used to store artwork by Sidney Nolan, including his famous Ned Kelly series!

3. Heide kitchen garden

A garden brimming with fresh herbs and produce used by the onsite cafe.

4. Wild garden

This rambling cottage garden is delightful at any time, especially in the morning with the sun's rays streaming through.

5. The oak tree

This grand old oak tree was planted in 1935. It's beautifully shady and its autumnal hues are still apparent in the middle of winter!

6. Heide I

This is the house that the Reed family lived for 35 years. Here, many artists, including Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker and Joy Hester came to visit, stay and create.

7. Rings of Saturn, Inge King

Inge fled to England from Germany as a refugee, then later settled in Australia. Her other famous works include the black waves on the lawns of the NGV, and red ringed structures on EastLink.

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8. Heide II kitchen garden

A most productive kitchen garden. Stroll through here and be inspired about what to grow for your own garden :)

9. Rose Walk Pavillion

This is the perfect place to have a seat to enjoy your surroundings, have a picnic or simply catch the rays of sunshine as they filter through the wooden grooves of this beautiful structure.

10. Flowing Yarra

You can catch glimpses of the Yarra as you walk past in the wooded river bank. You can extend your walk by joining the path to the neighbouring Banksia Park.

11. Trees for climbing

We discovered some grand old trees that were perfect for climbing, admiring or simply for enjoying its shade.

12. Cows, Jeff Thomon

Perhaps the most photographed sculpture at Heide. Presumably this art work pays tribute to the history of the property as a dairy farm.

13. Bee hives

We spotted a whole lot of bee hives! There must be an abundance of honey. We enjoyed listening to the buzz of activity near the hives (obviously you shouldn't get too close, or else...).


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