Isabella Williams Reserve

151 Neale Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023, Australia

Isabella Williams Reserve

151 Neale Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023, Australia
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Grassland reserve and playground with BBQs & public toilets on Kororoit Creek

Isabella Williams Reserve

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A great place to visit! Isabella Williams Reserve is on the beautiful Kororoit Creek, and has amazing views, remnant vegetation with high conservation value, a modern adventure playground, BBQ & toilets. The reserve is at the northern end of the Kororoit Creek Shared Trail - which connects with the Federation Trail, which means that you could cycle there from the CBD. There is a bus service and Brimbank Central Shopping Centre is a 10 minute walk away, which is serviced by buses from Sunshine and St Albans train stations.


Points of Interest

1. Playground

The playground is built on a large mound, giving it a "volcano" theme. It is modern and well designed, with swings, slides and shade sails, BBQ, toilets, and fitness equipment.

2. Snakes

Being on the creek, there are reptiles! Snakes are shy creatures that will avoid you if they can. If you see one, don't disturb it and it will leave you alone. They are also protected under law.

3. Panoramic Views

Enjoy sweeping views from the top of the mound across the Keilor Plains to Mt Macedon and Gisborne.

4. Birds

There are always interesting birds to be seen here. Flame Robins, Whistling Kites, Pipits are among the frequent visitors. This is a Willy-Wagtail that stopped to see what we were doing.

5. Kororoit Creek

Rises near Gisborne and enters Port Phillip Bay at Altona. It flows through the volcanic plains and has areas of great beauty.

6. The Special Tree

This magnificent River Red Gum would be at least 500 years old. It sits on a bend of the creek, on a rocky escarpment, above a pool in remnant grassland and it is the most magical place here.

7. Cultural Heritage

People have been visiting here for thousands of years. The nearby Maribyrnong has sites dated to possibly 45,000 years, and here probably as long!

8. Kororoit Creek 2


9. Crossing

There are several places where you can cross and walk around in the grassland on the opposite bank. It is weedier but you can still find patches of remnant vegetation.

10. Waterbirds

There are plenty of waterbirds, but please don't feed them bread. It doesn't agree with them.

11. Path

North of the playground the path is "informal" and can be rocky and muddy.

12. The Upper Path

The upper path takes you along the top of the escarpment and past peoples back (or some times , front) fences.

13. The Grassland Reserve

Grasslands are critically endangered. This area is being cared for by weed control, burning and revegetation. In Spring it is a mass of wildflowers. Cup Day would be a good day to come for a look.


Historical Interest Historical Interest
Local Treasures Local Treasures
Art and Culture Art and Culture
Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
Park(s)/Garden(s) Park(s)/Garden(s)
Public Transport Public Transport
Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Drinking Water Available Drinking Water Available
Seating Available Seating Available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly


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