Altona Dog Beach

11 Altona Rd, Seaholme VIC 3018, Australia

Altona Dog Beach

11 Altona Rd, Seaholme VIC 3018, Australia
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A great place to walk the dog, but check the tides. And while you are there enjoy the broad expanse of beach and big sky views. The path seems to be out at sea, but the walk is on the tidal flats.

Altona Dog Beach

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At Altona the beach is very shallow, so the tide goes out a long way (check tides via link above). This is an Off Leash area and many people bring their dogs to the beach at low tide to socialise and romp around. You can also enjoy the big sky and wide views of the City, Williamstown and across Port Phillip Bay. The beach is next to the Altona Sports Club, and not far from Seaholme railway station. It is also on the Bay Trail West shared path. Nearby is the mouth of the Kororoit Creek and the most southerly mangroves in the world. The walk is on the beach with many streams and puddles, so the best footwear is either gumboots or bare feet. There is interesting fossicking to be done amongst the rocks and also the remains of an old shipwreck. Nearby to the south are the Cheetham wetlands which host large numbers of birds through the spring and summer - including visitors from Siberia.

Note: The dog beach is restricted over the warmer months and there are on-lead areas within the precinct that need to be respected. Please practice responsible pet management and observe the on-lead signage where applicable. Also, be mindful of the unique conservation areas that are nearby and home to the unique mangroves and thousands of migratory birds. For information on off-lead areas and restriction, visit


Points of Interest

1. Broad Tidal Flats

Port Phillip Bay is shallow on the western side, so at low tide vast areas of sand are accessible. This beach has been set aside as "Dog Friendly"

2. City Views

From out on the flats you get broad views around the bay and some great views of the city.

3. Socialising

Dogs (and humans) love to socialise - why not do it at the beach!

4. The Old Shipwreck

It looks like this used to be a motorised barge.

5. Rocks

This outcrop of volcanic rock forms a natural barrier. Most people keep to the Altona side of the rocks, and the Williamstown side has more wildlife and the shores are lined with mangroves.

6. Crab

There are literally thousands if not millions of soldier crabs going about their business.

7. Across the Flats

Another City View.

8. A Bit of a Romp

A good time was had by all!

9. A Last Look

The tidal flats.

10. Dogberry

Where there are dogs, there are also droppings. Please clean up after your dog. There are bins on the foreshore, but you will need to bring your own plastic bag..


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