The Balconies, The Grampians

Northern Grampians Road, Grampians National Park, Zumsteins VIC 3401, Australia

The Balconies, The Grampians

Northern Grampians Road, Grampians National Park, Zumsteins VIC 3401, Australia
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The track climbs gently from the carpark, through rock outcrops and a stringybark forest to the Balconies lookout. From this lookout there are panoramic views over the Victoria Valley

The Balconies, The Grampians

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Check the link above to Parks Victoria for any latest news or changes in conditions.

This is a great little walk that is best done earlier in the morning at busier times of the year as it can get a bit busy. The views are fantastic.

In Spring time the wildflowers are magnificent ! Lots of birdlife and you might see a wallaby if you are lucky.

No Dogs allowed in the Grampians National Park.


Points of Interest

1. The path

The path from the car park is a relatively smooth walk.

2. Wildflowers

In Spring there are lots of different wildflowers.

3. First seat

There are a few seats, but this one faces the wrong way away from the view! But you can say hello to other walkers on the path which is nice.

4. The bridge

The bridge makes for an easy walk.

5. Cairns

There are many cairns or rock sculptures along this stretch of the walk.

6. Rocky outcrop

A beautiful spot to look around for lizards.

7. More cairns

There are heaps of cairns around here, maybe stop and build one. If you are with children, they love it here.

8. Beautiful mosses

If you are lucky you might find some beautiful mosses among the rocks.

9. Wildflowers

More wildflowers, when we were here in early November there were heaps!

10. Bush seats

There are three seats that someone has cut out of old tree stumps, very creative.

11. The track

The track gets a little more shelter from some taller trees here. Nice dappled light and look for the odd wallaby.

12. The lookout

Anticipation as you near the lookout.

13. The Balconies

The view is amazing, you could spend the day here!


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