Sorrento back beach to Portsea Village

165 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943, Australia

Sorrento back beach to Portsea Village

165 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943, Australia
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Take the scenic route from Sorrento to Portsea! This walk gives you the splendours of the bush and coast. There are many opportunities to dip your toes in the sea and absorb the fresh sea breeze.

Sorrento back beach to Portsea Village

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This scenic back route from Sorrento to Portsea makes a wonderful day trip. You can extend your trip by exploring Fort Nepean to discover its historic role in protecting Victoria's coast. You can also take a detour to the Portsea foreshore on your way back to Sorrento.

This walk is accessible by public transport. You can catch Bus 788 from Portsea back to Sorrento, or all the way back to Frankston.


Points of Interest

1. Watt's Cottage

Home to early settlers in Sorrento, this house was built in 1869. The Pioneer Memorial Garden is well tended with blooms all year round. Tours available (at limited times).

2. Information boards and cafe

Check out the information boards here for details about the history, local environment and features of the area. All Smiles Cafe located a short walk away from here.

3. Surf's up

A good spot to watch the surf, have a picnic, go for a swim, read a book or do whatever you please.

4. Uphill climb towards the top

Definitely a steep climb uphill but the scenery from the top is very worthwhile. Get your heart rate up!

5. Panoramic views

A perfect spot to watch the sunset, or simply enjoy the sweeping panoramic views.

6. Heading down to the beach

Follow the track, which will eventually take you towards the beach.

7. Fine sandy beach

Enjoy the salty sea breezes as you feel the sand under your feet on this beautiful stretch of coastline.

8. Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club

You can take a detour here if you need a toilet stop.

9. 'London Bridge'

A great spot to explore the rockpools and wander under the 'London Bridge' (but not during high tide of course). You can continue along the beach all the way to Point Nepean if you like.

10. Public toilets and drinking fountain

Phew! It's a pretty steep ramp that leads you up here. A convenient toilet stop and a chance to top up your water bottle before heading off again.

11. Start of Wilson's Folly Track

There's a sign a near the car park marking the start of the track. Apparently Capt R Wilson simply lit a match wherever he thought the bush needed to be cleared for the army\'s weapons training areas.

12. Looking out to the sea

Listen out for the twitter of small birds in this fabulous bit of coastal bushland overlooking the sea.

13. Unexploded bombs

A former weapons training area. "All large unexploded ordinance has been removed but you may come across small arms such as rifle and pistol shells," which of course, you shouldn't touch.

14. Point Nepean Visitor Centre

The visitor centre has plenty of local information and maps of the area. You can take a tour to the historical Fort Nepean (a buggy can transport you there). Public toilets and BBQ available here.

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15. Mighty high fences

You can take a short detour down to the beach via Cove Ave. Clearly residents here like their privacy but it's such a shame that the street is marred by these enormously high walls and fences.

16. Nature strip plantings

Thankfully, there are patches of wonderful plants to enjoy as you walk down the street.

17. A little bit arty

... and even a bit of art to give some of these high walls a little bit of character.

18. On the other side

Across the road are a row of charming cottages that reminds us of how the area used to look before the high walls and fences came along.

19. Bus stop

You can catch bus number 788 back to Sorrento, or all the way back to Frankston along point Nepean Road.

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