Plenty River Trail - Yallambie to Montmorency

Moola Close, Yallambie

Plenty River Trail - Yallambie to Montmorency

Moola Close, Yallambie
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A pleasant walk or run for all fitness levels caressing the meandering Plenty River. Birdsong, trickling water and the shade of towering gums make for a brilliant green escape in suburbia.

Plenty River Trail - Yallambie to Montmorency

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The Plenty River trail winds its way through beautifully manicured open parkland and riverside woodlands of towering gum trees. The path is perfectly shaded by the gums, with fingers of light shining through to provide a cool reprieve from the summer sun or bathing warmth during the winter months.

The riverside vegetation often opens up to glimpses of the winding river. At the odd spot, worn paths through the vegetation can be seen, crafted by the curious wanting to explore the river’s banks a little more closely. The majority of the trail’s paths are paved and flat, although there is the occasional gentle slope making it great for exercise by adding that little touch of variety and resistance.

Walking through the Montmorency portion of the path, the west bank is significantly elevated compared to the east, offering fantastic vistas of the river’s path through the surrounding suburbs that are nestled within the area known as Melbourne’s ‘green wedge’. In this section you’ll walk the periphery of local sporting facilities and experience what some would consider a quintessentially Australian scene – suburban footy amidst the gums and the river.

Throughout the walk, you’re accompanied by a range of native wildlife, happily sharing the natural bounty of the river. In the trees you can see kookaburras perched happily laughing, lorikeets chirping endlessly away with each other and zipping from tree to tree, the elusive tiger snake bathing in the sun’s warmth and if you’re really lucky, the shuffling of an echidna long the river bank. For those with a keen eye for the micro, you’ll see ornately patterned orb weaver spiders spinning their webs.

The Plenty River Trail is a wonderful natural space for escaping the modern-day rat race, conveniently positioned in the middle of suburban Melbourne. Time pleasantly melts away along the walk, and there’s arguably no better long-cut to the local shops or sporting fields.


Points of Interest

1. Wildlife - kookaburra & snake

A kookaburra chick being fed a tiger snake by its parent.

2. Trail waypoint

Waypoint marker displaying orientation and distance of key landmark features.

3. Wildlife - orb weaver spider

An orb weaver spider preparing its web for the evening.

4. Unpaved, natural path

An option for the curious seeking a more natural setting when walking.

5. River view

A view of the river as seen from the football oval.

6. Parks & picnics

Open parklands along the river provide the perfect spots for large or small picnics

7. Tree-scape view

A view of the river and surrounding tree-scape extending into the distant suburbs.

8. River crossings

One of the many bridges spanning the river.

9. Running track

Running is frequently enjoyed along the picturesque trail.

10. Wild Melbourne

This walk was completed by Wild Melbourne, a not-for-profit specialising in nature engagement and dedicated to connecting people with nature. Please visit our website to find out more.

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Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
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