Tipperary Springs to Bryces Flat return

Tipperary Springs

Tipperary Springs to Bryces Flat return

Tipperary Springs
1 h 32 m
6.15 km
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Walk your way along the creek through the Hepburn Regional Park. This walk will take you through this historic mining area. Keep your eyes open for mining relics along the trail.

Tipperary Springs to Bryces Flat return

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Start the walk at Tipperary Springs picnic area and mineral spring . Cross the footbridge past the picnic area to join the walking track along the west side of the creek. Continue along the walking track through old gold diggings and take the stepping stones across the creek at Bryces Flat.
Take the trail on the east side of the creek and look out for the disused Mistletoe Mine on your return journey.

Always check current conditions before you walk. For more information on Hepburn Regional Park and current conditions, including closures, contact Parks Victoria on Ph: 13 1963.

NOTE: Jan: 2020 We've been advised by one user that fire access tracks in area can cut across the walking path so please ensure you stick to the main walking track and get a high-quality, detailed walking map for the area.

Want to keep walking? We've also mapped the Tipperary Springs to Twin Bridges walk (2.3km each way). In the other direction, this map is the walk from Bryce's Flat to Breakneck Gorge.


Points of Interest

1. Tipperary Mineral Springs

There is an abundance of mineral water reserves in the region. Take some time to taste the waters at the mineral spring, with a hand pump and free flowing pipe.

2. Sailors Creek

A beatiful creek and forest where gold mines once dotted the landscape. Try your luck, get your miners right and gold pan and see what you discover. Fossikers have discovered gold and gems.

3. Mistletoe Mine

A leftover relic from the mining days. This disued mine has been capped off with wire mesh.

4. Bryces Flat Picnic Area

Stop for a picnic lunch at this scenic picnic area.

5. Bryces Flat Steping Stones

These bluestone bloacks act as stepping stones across the river. These are the remenants of a bridge that once crossed the river.

6. Wildlife

Keep your eyes peeled for native animals that call this forest home. There is an abaundance of birdlife to be spotted. You may see wallabies, kangaroos, lizards and other native animals

7. Tipperary Springs Bridge

The bridge at Tipperary Springs give you access to the west side of the creek and the walking trail. You can also access the second mineral spring across the creek.

8. Picnic area

The perfect spot to start and finish your walk. Picnic tables and the mineral springs are a great place for resting or eating a picnic lunch. Rest your legs and plan your next adventure.


Historical Interest Historical Interest
Local Treasures Local Treasures
Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
General General
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Drinking Water Available Drinking Water Available
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