Plenty Gorge Park Bundoora

100 Linacre Drive Bundoora 3083

Plenty Gorge Park Bundoora

100 Linacre Drive Bundoora 3083
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An easy walk along the southern edge of the Plenty Gorge Parklands in Bundoora, with an optional slightly harder detour down to the Plenty River with Cobb and Co.

Plenty Gorge Park Bundoora

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You can start this walk at several spots along Linacre Drive in Bundoora, or by walking along Ormond Blvd from the terminus of the no86 tram. It offers good views of and from the urban fringe into one of Melbourne's best protected (because crown land) green wedges. At one end is the still developing Janefield Wetland. It is paved or on boards the whole way, unless you want to divert from the beaten path onto the Cobb and Co Track (not shown on my map) and scramble down on a loop to the Plenty River. The Plenty Gorge Park map (see the Parks Victoria site) does not show any of these paths, though the walk is at least partly on their land. Most of the paths are on Melway 10, but not even Google shows the Cobb & Co track.


Points of Interest

1. A good place to start

You can start this walk at several points on Linacre Drive; I started from far end, observed by some wetlands life

2. Ponds by Queens Gardens

A series of small ponds and wandering paths takes you down the small wedge of green between Queens Gardens and Clovemont Way

3. A small optional detour

If like me you want to follow the paths of the creeks, you can turn right at the junction and walk a little way along the rise above the creek. But why are they planting broom?

4. Welcome to Plenty Gorge Park

An upbeat moment - nice wildflowers in Spring. OR maybe - what are these weeds doing? In any event not the most loved part of the Park.

5. Cobb & Co Track

A rough track sets off more or less down hill. Take the lower option each time to get top the Plenty River. Cobb and Co ran regular coaches up the Plenty Valley for over 40 years.

6. View of Plenty River from Cobb & Co Track

There are several not very clear track options - keep choosing the lower option to take you riverwards.

7. Feeder creeks into the Plenty River

You can walk up the river bank a little way to this junction; then rather than crossing it immediately go slightly uphill, take a little wooden bridge over the creek and then up to the main track.

8. 'Central Park'

If you don't take the Cobb & Co detour you come to this little gully between Clovemont and Edgecliff Cl. Or come back this way. Not sure why it has the Manhattenesque soubriquet on Melway though!

9. Back on the Concrete

If you did take the detour you will get back to the main track just east of this great view to the distant blue hills

10. Back to the streets

Notwithstanding Melway showing a track across to Zara Close here, it doesn't seem to exist, so you need to follow the track to Linacre Drive.

11. Mammalia

A small compensation for rejoining suburbia is this sculpture at the junction with Mammalia Drive

12. Janefield Wetland

The track now enters the Janefield Wetland, still being developed, but with a lot of waterbirds to see.

13. End of the Walk

Plenty of fine views around the main lake, from where you can retrace your steps, Or you can start from here if you want to use the tram, only a short walk along Ormond Blvd


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