Castle Creek Nature Trail

Castle Creek Rd, Wodonga

Castle Creek Nature Trail

Castle Creek Rd, Wodonga

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Enjoy a guided tour of the natural features of this reserve, following a 4km loop trail. Along the way, 15 illustrated signs highlight the diverse animals, plants and habitats here.

Castle Creek Nature Trail

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Enjoy a guided tour of the natural features of this reserve, following a 4km loop trail. Along the way, 15 illustrated signs highlight the diverse animals, plants and habitats here.


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The reserve is a treasure trove of biodiversity, teeming with plant and animal life. Many species of wildlife live here or pass through this reserve, including a range of threatened birds and mammals.

Follow the nature trail and learn more from the illustrated signage along the way. See what you can find here and enjoy your patch of nature!

You can enjoy this patch of beautiful bushland throughout the seasons, whether you like bushwalking, jogging or walking your dog.

This walking map was created as part of a Parklands Albury Wodonga project supported by the Victorian Government through the Volunteering Innovation Fund.

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Points of Interest

1. Entrance gate and trail map sign

Look for the gate and sign to access the reserve. There is informal parking nearby on Castle Creek Road. The trail starts by following the fence line up the gentle slope.

2. Golden lights in the gully

Many of the plantings you can see to your right, in the gully, are wattles (Acacias). In late winter and spring they offer a dazzling golden display with their flowers.

3. Information shelter

As you begin the trail you may notice the plants that have been added along the gully and are now a few years old. The information shelter offers insights about this special reserve.

4. Turn right to follow the trail into the trees

Look for the directional sign post. These yellow arrows will guide you along the path. The trail is single track as you head away from the fence line you had been following.

5. Seasonal dams and wet spots

Have a listen - is there a frog chorus here when you visit?

6. Between the Ironbark trees

Keep following the yellow directional arrows. Have you noticed the dark, fissured bark of the trees in this part of the reserve? If you stop to look closely, there's a lot going on in that bark.

7. Wildflowers

There are many pockets of this bushland with wildflowers. This next section of trail has some of the most diverse displays. In spring and early summer each week reveals developing and new blooms.

8. Bulbine lilies

One of several native lilies found here.

9. Donkey orchids (Diurus)

The common name for this group of orchids is said to reflect their 'ear like petals' shape. They are dazzling.

10. Waymarker and a change in tree trunks

As you pass the directional sign you might notice the trees are looking different in this section of the reserve.

11. Foraging echindas

Echidnas are regularly seen foraging for ants among the leaf litter and under logs.

12. Keep listening and watching for woodland birds

Rufous Whistler (Pachycephala rufiventris).

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13. More springtime wildflower delights

Native peas are often yellow, orange and brown ... but also purple, pink and white. Which ones can you spot?

14. Turn left to follow the fence line

The trail passes an access gate that leads to Drapers Rd. Follow the arrows to turn right and walk downhill along the fence.

15. Follow the trail as it takes a left turn

Here the trail heads away from the fence line and traverses the woodland again.

16. Fun fungi

In winter and wetter places within the reserve a wide range of fungi appear and disappear. Some grow on soil, others on rotting wood and even on living trees.

17. Check out the views across the valleys

Don't forget to look around.

18. How many nest boxes have you noticed so far?

The different styles and sizes of entrance hole give us a clue as to which animals or birds they have been designed for.

19. Continue to follow the track along the fence and down to the entrance gate

Looking across the paddocks, Wodonga homes are not far away. Retrace your path down to the road to finish your walk.


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