Boolagoorda Walk at Hamelin Pool, W.A.

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, WA

Boolagoorda Walk at Hamelin Pool, W.A.

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, WA
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This walk of Hamlin Pool includes an old Telegraph Station, the Stromatolites, a boardwalk, shell quarry, graves and old telegraph lines. There are information signs explaining things of significance

Boolagoorda Walk at Hamelin Pool, W.A.

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Hamelin Pool boasts the most diverse and abundant examples of living marine stromatolites, or ‘living fossils’, in the world, monuments to life on Earth over 3500 million years ago.

You can view these amazing life forms, without causing damage by walking on a purpose built jetty and looking down at the Hamelin Pool stromatolites below.

The Stromatolites are formed when living microbes build up over time. Hamelin Pool in is one of only two places on earth where living marine stromatolites exist.

The marine stromatolites found in Hamelin Pool are considered to be the best example of their kind found in the world. Stromatolites grow successfully and undisturbed at Hamelin Pool because the sea water is twice as saline as usual sea water due to a bar across the entrance of the bay and also due to rapid evaporation from shallow water.

After visiting the Pool there is clearly marked short walk around the old quarry and telegraph station that is really worth doing. It includes signs and pictures explaining the historical development of the area.

We recognise and acknowledge Malgana people as the Traditional custodians of Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve.

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Points of Interest

1. Path to the pool

It's a short walk on an undulating path to the pool.

2. Boardwalk

The start of the 200metre boardwalk.

3. Towards the salty pool

The water of Hamelin Bay is twice as saline as usual sea water because of a bar across the Bay's entrance and rapid evaporation from the shallow water.

4. Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

Wonderful to look down into the water from the end of the boardwalk. The Stromatolites may look like rocks, but they are living things, which are the oldest living organisms on the planet!

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5. Wildflowers

In September/October there are some pretty amazing wildflowers.

6. Grave of Walter Musk

Walter died 18 October 1911, aged 60, when he drowned after his small sail boat overturned. His headstone was cut from the nearby shell quarry.

7. Hills of shells

One of the few animals that survives in the hyper salty waters is the Fragum Cockle mollusc that appears pure white but is translucent, there are millions of shells on the ground.

8. The Old Shell Block Quarry

Over time the compacted Fragum Cockle shells become very hard and were cut out by saw to make bricks.

9. Flag Staff Hill

Apparently it is a wonderful spot to watch the sunsetting.

10. Another sad grave

The resting place of Thomas Onslow Carmody who died 18 March 1898 aged 7 months is a reminder of how harsh life must have been.

11. The chook shed

After walking though the somewhat desolate landscape, the chickens were a bit of a surprise. Don't know how they survive the summer.

12. Hamelin Telegraph Station

The Hamelin Telegraph Station was built in 1884 and includes a small tea room and museum with guided tours. There is also a caravan park.

13. More wildflowers

The wildflowers really are gorgeous.


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