Mandu Mandu Gorge walk

Mandu Mandu Gorge, Cape Range WA

Mandu Mandu Gorge walk

Mandu Mandu Gorge, Cape Range WA
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2.59 km
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A 3km walking trail allows access into this dry gorge that should only be walked in the cooler months of the year between April and November.

Mandu Mandu Gorge walk

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This is fabulous walk that rewards with spectacular views back to the coast and over the Ningaloo Reef.

There's a small car park off the main road 14km south of the Milyering Discovery Centre.

The trail leads down into the creek bed where you follow the base of the gorge and from here there's a pleasant, occasionally steep 3km return walk onto the gorge rim then back to the car park..

There is no permanent water and very little shade. Early mornings are often the best times to view wildlife as you walk. Only attempt gorge walks in the cooler months of the year between April and November.


Points of Interest

1. Start of the path

The path very soon descends into the dry creek bed and it is well marked.

2. Wildflowers

There are lots of wildflowers about in September/October and it is amazing how they survive and thrive in such dry places.

3. The dry creek bed

The stones can be a little difficult to walk on but they don't last too long.

4. Starting the climb

After about a kilometre you will leave the creek bed and start to climb.

5. The path

The path is a bit rough and the small stones can move underfoot, but just take it slowly.

6. Looking back

As you climb you begin to get a different perspective of the landscape.

7. Glimpses of Ningaloo

Past the the creek bed you start to see Ningaloo and the Indian Ocean.

8. Looking back to Ningaloo

A magnificent view to Ningaloo and beyond that is definitely worth the effort.

9. Don't look down

It's really not as scary as it looks, but take it slowly and enjoy.

10. Winding path

The landscape really is beautiful and the well-used path is quite obvious.

11. The descent

The initial descent is a little steepish off the summit.

12. Vegetation

There are some interesting scrubby bushes, sorry I don't know their name.

13. The gully

Go slowly over this little stretch as there are a couple of rocks to clamber over as you come down the path.

14. More wildflowers

Some very beautiful flowers, I wish I knew their names....

15. Rocks

Some really interesting conglomerations including this one that looks like it has been sanded back.

16. The finish

Back to the carpark. What a wonderful walk, we were lucky that after we left we went back via the Milyering Discovery Centre for an ice-cream and to get information on more walks!

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