Sculpture Walk, Winton Wetlands

652 Lake Mokoan Rd., Chesney Vale 3752

Sculpture Walk, Winton Wetlands

652 Lake Mokoan Rd., Chesney Vale 3752

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Lotjpatj Natjan Danak, the Yarning and Gathering Pathway Sculpture Walk, is a creation of 15 Yorta Yorta cultural artists to share stories of their living culture.

Sculpture Walk, Winton Wetlands

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Lotjpatj Natjan Danak, the Yarning and Gathering Pathway Sculpture Walk, is a creation of 15 Yorta Yorta cultural artists to share stories of their living culture.


This Yorta Yorta Sculpture Walk is called Lotjpatj Natjan Danak, Yarning and Gathering Pathway. It is a creation of cultural works that represent Ancestors; totems and special places; spirituality; ceremonies and cultural practices; histories and knowledge systems; ecology and seasons; plants; insects; birds and animals; rivers; creeks; sky stories and ancient creations.

Included in this map is a visit to the Wetlands Viewing Platform.

On site amenities include Mokoan Hub and Cafe open 7 days 10am - 4pm, sculpture garden, children's playground, plenty of car parking, clean public toilets, picnic tables, interesting interpretive signage, a meeting place and a viewing platform.

The trail follows curving flat gravel pathways and is suitable for all ages. Some areas of gravel are loose, which can occasionally necessitate assistance for wheelchair users.

Please respect these cultural works and do not climb.

Pets are not permitted in Winton Wetlands.

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Parts of Winton Wetlands are remote. In case of emergency call 000.

The installation of this walk was made possible by a team of fabricators, landscapers, volunteers, and supporters. To each of them Winton Wetlands say an enormous thank you.

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Points of Interest

1. Rainbow Serpent / Ollie Patten

This is the story told to me by my family about the Rainbow Serpent which started off from the mountains in Victoria and travelled all the way down to South Australia.

2. Walkabout Family / Joey Beckhurst

The walkabout family is about men and women's business around Lake Mokoan (Winton Wetlands).

3. dhuma nhanha woka biganga (wise woman of the land possum skin cloak) / Treahna Hamm

Across the wetlands, possum skin cloaks were worn by Yorta Yorta people from infancy to old people, as today. The cloak is dedicated to 'mother creator and spirit' who has fed and guided my people.

4. Burnanga / Glennys Briggs

Burnanga (Cod) is an iconic fish from Dungula (Murray) River and it is told in a Yorta Yorta Dreamtime story that the mighty Burnanga was one of the creation beings who created Dungula.

5. Connection / Keneisha Howell

This artwork has helped me further connect to my country and the animals we share this space with.

6. Bunyman wokin mukaga (made from country reeds) / Denise Morgan-Bulled

I weave because it is my way of connecting to a craft done for survival by my Yorta Yorta ancestors. I also weave for the calmness it gives me, and the happiness I feel upon completing a basket.

7. Yorta Yorta / Coree Thorpe

This artwork is a representation of YORTA YORTA country. The Dungala and Kaiela rivers flow through our country sustaining our people for thousands of generations and are so important to our mob.

8. Animals of the Wetlands / Amy Briggs, Cynthia Hardie, Laurel Robinson

The artwork of these three respected elders is transformed into a floor piece showing some of the animals who call the wetlands home.

9. Galnyen yakurrumdja yenbena / Treahna Hamm

Come and respect our family ancestors (a sculpture garden).

10. We were here long before, we will be here long after / Tamara Murray

The turtle is a totem of my people. This large sculpture overlooking the water represents the history, present and future of the Yorta Yorta people.

11. Youth of the Yorta Yorta People / Jack Anslemi

The long neck turtle is our totem. I've been sculpting and carving wood for a long time. I bring the wood to life, changing it to tell a story.

12. Mia Mia / Jesse Cooper

The Mia Mia to me represents a place of family gathering, shelter and a safe place. I would like people using the Mia Mia to feel a sense of connection to the land, as us aboriginal people do.

13. Yakapna / Vera Cooper

These pieces are called Yakapna, meaning family in Yorta Yorta language.

14. Wetlands Viewing Platform

This makes a good observation point for wetlands landscapes, vegetation and wildlife.

15. Journey of Love / Cilla Atkinson

The lizard represents a spiritual journey of love and protection for its young. The connection to land and country is signified by the markings of the mother. Then passed down to continue the journey.

16. Mokoan Hub and Cafe (and playground)

Open 7 days a week from 10am to 4pm, the cafe is popular for meals and refreshments. There is indoor and outdoor seating with great views across the wetlands and over a large adventure playground.

17. Car parking

There is an extensive car park with picnic tables and clean public toilets.

18. Birdlife

You don't have to go far to observe the diverse birdlife. Just sitting a while at the cafe or picnic tables is almost certain to result in worthwhile sightings, such as these Red-rumped Parrots.


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