Red Bluff walk, Kilbarri

Red Bluff, Kilbarri

Red Bluff walk, Kilbarri

Red Bluff, Kilbarri
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Walk to Red Bluff which is the highest elevation point in the area. With 100m of soaring cliff face, this iconic landmass can be seen from various locations around Kalbarri.

Red Bluff walk, Kilbarri

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A paved 1km return walk takes you to the lookout where panoramic ocean views from the top of 100m cliffs make it a perfect vantage point for spotting marine creatures, from dolphins to migrating humpback whales. At its base lies one of Kalbarri’s most popular beaches for swimming, snorkeling and fishing. You can take the 1.8km return walk to the beach, the way is steep and rocky but well worth the effort.

There are interpretive signs located along the walk that outline the history of the area, including of the Nanda Aboriginal people.

The Red Bluff was an important navigation point for the Dutch Mariners who sailed the waters over 300 years ago.

The path is ib very good condition although the first part of reddish colour has some small ripples in i tthat might be little challenge for some electric wheelchairs but all else should be no problem.


Points of Interest

1. The start

As you can see, the path is in very good condition and if you walk in September/October as we did, you will soon see lots of beautiful wildflowers.

2. Wildflowers

There many different species of wildflowers.

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3. The Nanda people

The interpretive signs include reference to Captain Gorge Grey's visit in 1839 including his description of the villages and houses of the Nanda Aboriginal people (this was obviously not empty land!).

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4. Looking South

The stunning looking cliffs seem to go on for ever. While we were there, some people were walking along them after getting access via the Red Bluff Beach offshoot track.

5. Gaba Gaba Yina

You can take an optional detour down to the beach, its a short walk with some steepish bits. The trail called Gaba Gaba Yina is from the Nanda language (Gaba = bluff, Yina = trail).

6. Hey Pig Face!

Who are you calling pig face? They are beautiful when in flower...

7. Path to the lookout

The path is high quality and draws to the end to see the views.

8. Looking inland

Don't forget to also look back inland at the stunning hills.

9. The view

The view is stunning, either looking north or out to sea. When we were there at the start of October we saw a Humpback whale with calf making its way on the long journey back to the Southern Ocean.


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