Herb Guyatt Sanctuary

1-15 Princes Hwy, Wurruk VIC 3850, Australia

Herb Guyatt Sanctuary

1-15 Princes Hwy, Wurruk VIC 3850, Australia
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This walking track takes you into the hidden natural beauty of Herb Guyatt Sanctuary. The sanctuary is comprised of a series of billabongs which were originally a horseshoe bend in the Thomson River.

Herb Guyatt Sanctuary

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This sanctuary is named after Herb Guyatt who was one of the first environmentalists in the Sale region who advocated for the protections of local wetlands.

As you walk around Herb Guyatt Sanctuary you can see that it is dominated by Red Gums. This vegetation occurs along many of the major rivers that run through the floodplains of Gippsland and is known as Floodplain Riparian Woodland. It is characterised by the large Forest Red Gums (Eucalyptus tereticornis) and River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) that you can see throughout the reserve. These two species are closely related and are known to hybridise.

These endangered floodplain woodlands are important wildlife corridors for birds and animals to move through the extensively cleared agricultural landscape between the Gippsland Lakes and the mountains to the north.

Wellington Shire Council has replanted indigenous (local) trees and shrubs to enhance the natural values of this reserve. This will help shade out weeds and create habitat for native birds and animals.

There are many birds that live in floodplain woodlands. See points of interest for some of the colourful birds that you might see as you walk around Herb Guyatt Sanctuary.


Points of Interest

1. View of Thompson River

There is a great view of the Thompson River and the new Pearson Crossing Bridge to your right.

2. Revegetation of the Sanctuary

Indigenous tree planting has been completed by local primary school children and Wellington Shire Council staff.

3. Superb Fairywren

The Superb Fairywren feasts on insects. The males are bright blue while female are brown.

4. Eastern Yellow robin

The Eastern Yellow Robin is a common resident of Herb Guyatt Sanctuary which hunts insects.

5. Azure Kingfisher

The Azure Kingfisher eats small fish and yabbies. You may see it as it darts between trees.


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