Frankston Beach and Sweetwater Creek

9N Pier Promenade, Frankston, VIC 3199

Frankston Beach and Sweetwater Creek

9N Pier Promenade, Frankston, VIC 3199

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This walk encompasses the best of Frankston - an award winning playground, and the beach, pier and tranquil, often quiet Sweetwater Creek trail.

Frankston Beach and Sweetwater Creek

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This walk encompasses the best of Frankston - an award winning playground, and the beach, pier and tranquil, often quiet Sweetwater Creek trail.


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Frankston has many beautiful walks and attractions – with this walk combining both! This walk takes you along the Frankston waterfront (and past the pier, beach) and the award-winning ‘Castle Park’ playground, and also along the peaceful Sweetwater Creek trail and boardwalk.

The Frankston Pier is vast in size and has many interesting features, including flags that spell out a hidden message, a kinetic lighting display and views of the Melbourne skyline. If you’re new to the area, drop by the Visitors Centre next to the pier to learn more about what Frankston has to offer.

As you travel along the boardwalk that runs adjacent to the beach, make sure to take one of the many turn-offs that leads to ‘Castle Park’ – a majestic playground representing a castle. This playground is a real treat, with play equipment for kids of all age groups and catering to all needs. This area also has BBQ facilities, picnic tables, toilet facilities and showers.

After you are done with the hustle and bustle on the waterfront, head to the start of the Sweetwater Creek Trail for some peace and tranquility. This trail is surrounded by greenery, leaving you to listen to the creek flowing over the rocks below.

You will make your way along a range of bridges, surfaces, up and down some steps (don’t worry – it is well worth it!) and stopping at a small playground before arriving at the bottom of the creek where you can climb down amidst the rocks and running water. This part of Sweetwater Creek is definitely my favourite – watching my dogs hop in and out of the water and kids splashing around. (Remember dogs should remain on-lead)

Sweetwater Creek has many different tracks you can take, all leading back to each other, so feel free to explore them all (and don’t worry – they are all clearly signposted!) so go on and enjoy!


-Dogs are prohibited on the beach 9.30-7.30pm between 1 Dec – 31 March. All other times dogs must be on-leash
-This is a completely on-leash walk – even when in the creek dogs are expected to be on-leash.
-If you don’t want to pay a small fee to park at the Frankston Pier, feel free to instead park at Oliver’s Hill Boat Ramp which has no fee.
-Between December to April, Frankston Waterfront holds a Sand Sculpting Australia Exhibition which is well worth a visit!
- Please note that beach lockers previously available have been removed

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Points of Interest

1. Welcome to Frankston

Never been beyond the beach when visiting Frankston? This walk is a great way to discover there's much more the the place, including the gorgeous Sweetwater Creek, where dogs are allowed (on leash).

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2. Frankston Pier

Frankston Pier was constructed in 1857 and displays gorgeous views across the bay all the way to the city skyline. Each pier support has a pole with a semaphore flag attached, spelling out a message.

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3. Frankston Regional Playground (Castle Park)

Frankstons award winning playground includes play equipment for all children - seperate toddler-junior, senior level and equipment for children with disabilities. You could be stuck here for hours!

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4. Frankston Boardwalk

The Frankston Boardwalk runs along the whole of the Frankston Foreshore and has many entries/exits to the beach (please see notes for dog-friendly beach times)

5. Sweetwater Creek Scenery

Immerse yourself within the gorgeous greenery that is Sweetwater Creek

6. Granites Bridge

This bridge opened in 2001 and is a little bit of fun - moving slightly as you walk along it (or more if you jump!)

7. Creek Rocks

This spot is generally the busiest part of the walk - with everyone wanting to climb down into the gushing stream (dogs included!)

8. Sweetwater Creek Boardwalk

This boardwalk has all the peace and quite in the world as you walk through a tunnel of trees!

9. Fleetwood Cresent Reserve playground

This is a cute little playground with a great view of the greenery below.


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