McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

390 McClelland Dr, Langwarrin, VIC 3910

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

390 McClelland Dr, Langwarrin, VIC 3910
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This place has it all – Wonder and excitement, a bushland setting, a variety of unique, fascinating sculptures and a beautiful lake. So go on and enjoy!

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

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Are you sick of the same boring walks? Have you been looking for something completely different? Well, look no further! The McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery comprises beautiful natural environments – lakes, trees and a rustic track and combines it with fascinating sculptures around every bend! Bring your partners, families and dogs to enjoy this wonderful attraction suitable for the whole family!

This park is entry by donation and has a long history. Harry McClelland and Annie McClelland moved with their mother to Frankston in 1912 and by 1920 has made a name for themselves as the centre for a bohemian group of creative individuals. Harry was an artist whose painting studio was situated where McClelland Gallery is today. After his death, his sister Annie donated this land to honour her brother’s memory by erecting the Harry McClelland Gallery which opened in 1971 – now known as the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery. Walking through the grounds, you can still find Harrys old studio situated amongst the greenery.

The McClelland Sculpture Park is ever changing, with new exhibits arriving in the gallery every few months and additional sculptures making this their new home each week. The sculptures in this park range from figures such as Tubular Resonance, Sound World providing you with a variety of beautiful music determined by wind movements, an immersive sculpture which will make you feel as though you have been transported into another world and an impressive National Anxiety Index sculpture which depicts this issue in an impressive way!

The picturesque lake is a great place to lay down a picnic rug and stare out at the ducks playing in the water, or the different sculptures that surround you. Alternatively, there is an onsite café that overlooks the lake and provides great lunch and coffee options. Whatever you decide to do during your time in the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, I’m certain you will not regret choosing this destination for your day out!

-Entry to the Sculpture Park and Gallery is by donation to ensure the conservation and upkeep of their collection
-The Sculpture Park and Gallery are open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm (The Sculpture Park alone is open Mondays 10am-6pm)
-The gift shop is open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm
-The café is open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4.30pm
-Please do not touch, climb or in any other way, interfere with the sculptures
-Dogs are welcome but must remain on-lead at all times
-Watch out for snakes during the summer months


Points of Interest

1. Tubular Resonance, Sound world Sculpture

This sculpture is a real work of art. Personally, I could stand here for hours listening to the different sounds it makes based on the way the wind is flowing.

2. Walking track and Sculptures

This track is a real treat - surrounding you with lush nature with hidden gems around every bend. The sculpture to the left is called Reflective Simulations.

3. Allen Sculpture

This wacky sculpture is entitled 'Allen' and was built in 2006 from cor-ten steel.

4. Arogers 2010 Sculpture

This sculpture is designed as a sort of maze. Usually a favourite of children but low enough for parents to stand back and watch their children play.

5. Black out

This is another fascinating sculpture - go in, shut the door, let your eyes adjust to the dark and wait for the magic to happen! (Also makes for a nice photo opportunity as it looks over a small lake)

6. Alexander the Great Sculpture

This huge bug is named 'Alexander the Great' and was built from cor-ten steel in 2010 by a Victorian man. The kids will love posing next to this massive beetle for a photo!

7. Top Shelf Sculpture, 2010

The most colourful sculpture in the park, some of you may recognise 'Top Shelf' from an overpass on Peninsula Link.

8. Anno Domino Sculpture

This sculpture is another favourite for the kids! Stand next to this massive Rhinoceros made from copper, stainless steel, patination and paint in 2009.

9. White Ape Sculpture

This sculpture entitled 'White Ape' was built in 2005 from coated fibreglass with a corten steel base by a Melbourne woman and is very impressive in size!

10. Snuffle Sculpture

This gives you an idea of the beauty this track possesses. Especially when you add in this 'Snuffle' Sculpture - made from astro turf and galvanised steel between 2002-2003.

11. Tree of Life Sculpture

Another sculpture that has previously called Peninsula Link its home - Tree of Life was built in 2012 and moves beautifully when the wind blows.

12. Lake

This lake is a beautiful place to sit down for a rest and watch the ducks play. Surrounded by sculptures, this area is also a perfect spot for a picnic!


Local Treasures Local Treasures
Art and Culture Art and Culture
Natural Trail Natural Trail
Coast/River/Lake Coast/River/Lake
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Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Wheelchair Friendly Wheelchair Friendly
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