Peppercorn Park Walk

2 Keith Ave, Epping VIC 3076, Australia

Peppercorn Park Walk

2 Keith Ave, Epping VIC 3076, Australia
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This short walk allows you to enjoy a small slice of countryside on your doorstep. At times on this walk it is easy to imagine you are a long way from the city.

Peppercorn Park Walk

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This is a circuit walk that starts and ends at Peppercorn Park. From the park, walk along the footpath down to the bridge. Cross the bridge and start walking north along the creek up a slight incline before the walk levels out again. The path now winds through a combination of tree clusters and open grass land, keeping close to the creek on the right.

There is a small downhill followed by a corresponding uphill when you pass under the bridge at McDonalds road. Stay right at any junction you meet along the way. Continue north along the creek until the path finally crosses the creek at a cycle/pedestrian bridge. The path leading north from here is paved. However, you should veer right and start following the creek southwards back towards Peppercorn Park over a second pedestrian bridge.

The pathway on the east side sits lower than the path on the west side and brings you much closer to the flora along creek. Along this stretch of the walk you get a real sense of wandering through a lush countryside. The path continues back to the bridge at Greenbrook Drive. From here you return to the park where you can relax, have a picnic or play!

Access: The nearest train station is Epping Train Station which is 800m from the start of the walk. The nearest bus stop is at the corner of Davisson Street and Rufus Street (route 556) For more information see or call 1800 800 007

The walk is easily accessible from the Darebin Creek shared path which connects to several other paths in the city.

There is ample free parking on side streets around Peppercorn Park.

The path mostly follows a wide, unsealed track which is generally in very good condition. However, a few places on the track can get a little muddy after heavy rainfall.

Facilities: There are picnic tables and a BBQ in Peppercorn Park. The nearest toilets are at Epping train station.


Points of Interest

1. The creek

A great place to explore on our back door.

2. Walk start

Pathway down to the bridge at the start of the walk

3. Creek view from bridge

View along the creek from the bridge

4. Start of the gravel track

One of only a few small uphill sections on the walk.

5. Wandering through the trees

Wandering through the clusters of trees.

6. Down to the bridge

The short hill down to the pedestrian bridge cna look a lot bigger depending on your point of view.

7. A fine creek view

A fine view of the flora growing in and along the creek from the small pedestrian bridge.

8. The bridge

The new pedestrian bridge that allows us to cross the creek and return along the opposite bank to the starting point of the walk.

9. Common Reed

Look out for the semi-aquatic Common Reed along the creek. It provides a habitat for certain birds and the leaves were used by aboriginal people to weave baskets.

10. Cumbungi

Look out for Cumbungi along the creek. It is a good frog habitat. Aboriginal people used to harvest the roots which can be cleaned, steamed and roasted.

11. A hidden gem

A view along the east side of the creek. Feels just like being in the countryside. A hidden gem.

12. Walking in nature

Trees and abundant vegetation along the eastern slopes next to the creek.


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