The Pinnacles, Nambung WA

Nambung WA

The Pinnacles, Nambung WA

Nambung WA
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An amazing walk around hundreds of limestone pillars that rise from a stark landscape of yellow sand that is one of Australia's most intriguing landscapes.

The Pinnacles, Nambung WA

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This fabulous walk is one around one of the main natural highlights of Western Australia. The many limestone pillars do seem just rise out of the landscape of yellow sand.

The mapped route is a vehicle track but you can really walk anywhere within the mapped route without getting lost. Its really fun to explore! Also note that the photos might not be on mapped exactly in the right spot.

The best time of year to visit is September and October when the wildflowers are blooming.

The Pinnacles remained unknown to most Australians until 1967 when the area was gazetted as a reserve, which was later combined with two adjacent reserves to form Nambung National Park in 1994.

The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre was opened in 2008 and offers interpretive displays of the park, both the natural processes that formed the Pinnacles and the biodiversity of the area

The Discovery Centre is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm on every day of the year except Christmas Day. National Park entry fees apply.


Points of Interest

1. Path to the Pinnacles

For those with mobility challenges who might not be able to walk right up to the Pinnacles, this really well made path leads to the Discovery Centre and viewing platform.

2. Down to the Pinnacles

Looking down for the platform at the start.

3. Peek a boo

Love this holey one.

4. The track

The track (mapped route) is marked by rocks so you can't get lost )and drivers don't go where they shouldn't).

5. A bush

Again, not sure of its name , but its a little beauty.

6. High and low Pinnacles

We liked the way there was a cluster of different sizes , made hide and seek a lot of fun.

7. Cluster

This cluster is up a little hill which is worth the gentle climb for the view backwards.

8. Flower

Not sure what the name of the little shrub is, but its amazing how the appear out of the desert.

9. Windswept

Some wonderful patterns in the sand around some of the pinnacles.

10. Parrot Bush (Banksia sessilis)

The Noongar peoples know the plant as Budjan or Butyak.

11. Yellow flower

These flowers looked like daises?

12. Pinnacles and water

Note sure if there is water there often but there was when we were here.


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