Kororoit Creek Trail, Albion to Sunshine West

Selwyn Park, Albion VIC 3020

Kororoit Creek Trail, Albion to Sunshine West

Selwyn Park, Albion VIC 3020

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Explore nature in the suburbs along the Kororoit Creek trail between Selwyn Park, Albion and Buckingham Reserve, Sunshine West on this 10km return walk.

Kororoit Creek Trail, Albion to Sunshine West

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Explore nature in the suburbs along the Kororoit Creek trail between Selwyn Park, Albion and Buckingham Reserve, Sunshine West on this 10km return walk.


The Kororoit Creek corridor is a haven for biodiversity in Melbourne's west. Thanks to extensive revegetation efforts, this section of the creek provides a glimpse at what the creek might have looked like before development.

This walk follows the bends of Kororoit Creek Trail. The shared footway is sealed and mostly flat.

As you wander, take time to enjoy the wildflowers and look out for the huge array of birds, lizards, frogs, turtles and insects that inhabit the creek. Basalt rock outcrops and boulders hint at the volcanic history of the western plains.

Decades of ambitious revegetation works have restored grassland and woodland habitats. Volunteer group, Friends of Kororoit Creek, have carefully selected and planted species local to the area and provided thousands of hours of weeding to keep the invasive species at bay. Partners in the restoration works include the Friends of Kororoit Creek, local schools, Brimbank Council and Melbourne Water.

You can start this walk at either end—Selwyn Park, Albion, or Buckingham Reserve, Sunshine West. Both reserves have car parking, public toilets, shaded seating, and excellent children's playgrounds.

To access Selwyn Park by foot it is a 1.1km walk from Albion station. Buckingham Reserve is a 1.6 km walk to Sunshine station.

You can turn back at any point for a shorter trip.

Thank you to the Friends of Kororoit Creek and Ursula Dutkiewicz for contributing photographs for this walk.

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Points of Interest

1. Selwyn Park

Selwyn Park has a well-equipped playground set amongst tall, shady sugar gum trees. Barbeques, undercover tables, toilets (closed when we visited) and drinking water are available.

2. An upstream view from the pedestrian bridge

Follow the path across the pedestrian bridge to continue on the other side of the creek.

3. Freshwater turtles inhabit the Kororoit Creek

If you're quiet and still you might see waterbirds, turtles and other animals in this stretch of the creek.

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4. River red gums

Shady trees and basalt rocks along the trail.

5. Spotted Pardalote

A tiny, feathered jewel hiding in the eucalyptus.

6. Lizard Lounge planting area

The Friends of Kororoit Creek group has transformed over a hectare of previously cleared land by replanting local vegetation and creating habitat for animals.

7. Friends of Kororoit Creek volunteers at work

You might spot volunteers weeding invasive species to give the indigenous flora a chance to thrive.

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8. Wide, sealed, shared footway

The trail has a smooth, sealed surface.

9. Upstream view

A creek bank view from the Bug Rug

10. 'Bug Rug' wildflower area

An expansive creek bank planting of wildflowers and grasses provides a habitat for biodiversity. This area lives up to its name!

11. Play in nature

The creek makes a great place to play in nature.

12. Stepping stones

Although not part of this walk, the stepping stones are a great place to cross the creek to join a dirt path on the other side.

13. Wildflowers and community mural

The love for the Kororoit Creek shows!

14. Kororoit Creek looking beautiful in the golden light

Photo by Friends of Kororoit Creek taken across the river at "B Street" wildflower site

15. A series of rock sculptures depicts local species

Five rock sculptures by Joe Pratt highlight animals that inhabit the creek: eastern long-necked turtle, Cunningham's skink, glowing grass frog, kingfisher, and echidna.

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16. Cunningham's skink warming up in the sun

Keep an eye out for Cunningham's Skink, Blue-tongued Lizards and other lizards. Signs warn to beware of snakes in warmer months.

17. Sacred Kingfisher

Buckingham Reserve is a quiet place for birdwatching. Waterbirds seen here include kingfishers, herons, swamphens, and cormorants. Please do not feed the birds. It makes them sick.

18. Buckingham Reserve playground

A popular playground with a rocketship theme, toilets and drinking water available.


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