Three Capes Track day 3, TAS

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

Three Capes Track day 3, TAS

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

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3 h 44 m
14.99 km

This section of the absolutely stunning Track is the longest (19km) but you don't need to carry your pack for most of it.

Three Capes Track day 3, TAS

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This section of the absolutely stunning Track is the longest (19km) but you don't need to carry your pack for most of it.


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The Three Capes Track is an fantastic 4-day walking experience along 48 kilometres of cliff-hugging stunning coastline in Australia.

The Three Capes Track is walked in one direction with a maximum of 48 walkers per day, but people can walk by themselves or in small groups. The track includes the highest coastal cliff tops in Australia that have some shear drops down to the water. There are no fences or barriers so walkers must stay on the paths.

Walkers are required to stay one night in each overnight stop which is a collection on some pretty amazing 4 bunk cabins and shared dining hubs that are equipped with heating, gas cooktops, tables and seating.

The track must be booked in advance booked in advance and costs between $400-$500 for the 4 days.

We have mapped the 4-day walk in stages, click here to see Day 1 , Day 2 or Day 4 or the whole Three Capes Track in one map.

"Day three, sea cliffs plunge beneath your feet. The same way they've done for eons. Front row seats to their epic vista are worthy of today's longer kilometres. Look across to Tasman Island as you take on the challenge of scaling The Blade at Cape Pillar. The track returns to Munro, allowing you to leave your pack at the cabin and walk out and back with a light day pack. Continue on through fragrant forest and heathland to Retakunna cabin."

Note, although the walk is called The Three Capes Track, it really only goes to two Capes (Pillar and Huay) but you get to see Raoul from across the water.

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Points of Interest

1. The track from Munro

A short boardwalk starts the Track from Munro.

2. A seat

One of the first sculptured seats of the day.

3. A snakes tail

The tail of a snake made put of beautifully placed rocks marks the start (or end) of a two km boardwalk.

4. An eye in the boardwalk

A mosaic eye set in the boardwalk looks back up at you.

5. Boardwalk into the distance

The boardwalk winds and wends into the distance but it roughly stays at the same altitude.

6. 'Sex on the cape'

This seat symbolises the reproduction of some of the species that live on the cape.

7. 'My blood runs cold'

The end of the 2 km boardwalk is marked by a snakes head and the words "My blood runs cold' etched in red in the wood.

8. Seat bench

A great seat to lie back and rest and look off into the distance.

9. Decaying tree

We thought the remains of this tree was in a pretty impressive state of decay.

10. Tasman Island

The lighthouse was staffed until the mid 1970s, it has three houses, shear cliffs and would have been very isolated. Off to the left is 'The Blade'

11. Steps

More beautifully sculptured steps.

12. 'Curiosity'

A marker of the successful conservation effort ridding the island of cats over many years. Two cast were left when the last lighthouse keeper left which resulted in hundreds of wildlife killings cats.

13. View from The Blade

The Blade is a very narrow and steep outcrop that is not for the faint hearted. View is magnificent but don't leave the path as there are no barriers!

14. Cape Pillar

This photo does not do justice to the drop down to the water which some might find a little scary.

15. Wildflowers

Lots of small wildflowers along the Track, such as this heath (or is it heather?).

16. Retakunna

Retakunna, but this is not the cabin, it's the toilet block, pretty impressive isn't it! All waste is taken out by helicopter.


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