Rocky Ned Lookout, Creek Junction

Corner of Mt Albert Track & Police Track, Creek Junction 3669

Rocky Ned Lookout, Creek Junction

Corner of Mt Albert Track & Police Track, Creek Junction 3669

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1 h 20 m
3.87 km

A return walk of modest inclines up to a granite outcrop lookout. The views are across the thickly forested Sugarloaf Creek valley directly below, to the High Country in the distance.

Rocky Ned Lookout, Creek Junction

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A return walk of modest inclines up to a granite outcrop lookout. The views are across the thickly forested Sugarloaf Creek valley directly below, to the High Country in the distance.


For a pleasant day experiencing the forested upper slopes and steep gullies of this part of the Strathbogie Plateau, it is recommended this popular walk be combined with a visit to the nearby Lima Falls Walk

Coming from Strathbogie or Euroa, Police Track is a dirt road initially traversing pine plantations. Coming from Benalla or Mansfield, it traverses Strathbogie Forest. The road is negotiable by 2WD. Take care when wet, it can be slippery (more so coming from the forest side). Start your walk after parking at the intersection of Police and Mt Albert Tracks. There is plenty of room.

1. For the 4km return walk mapped here, cross Police Track and head along the un-signed dirt & granite pavement track opposite Mt Albert Track. This will take you up to Rocky Ned Walk by foot. At the beginning there can be a small creek wash over the granite pavement to cross. You will then ascend with pine plantation on your right and forest on your left until you come to a sign marking the foot track entry for Rocky Ned Walk into the forest.

2. For a shorter 1.7km return walk, you can drive to the signed Rocky Ned Walk entry. However, be warned that conditions vary dramatically when relying on the dirt vehicle tracks through the pine plantations. Attempting only 4WD access is strongly recommended.

The dirt track to Rocky Ned Walk itself includes a long section of granite pavement. However, after the first rise it turns to a clay base that can be slippery when wet and muddy due to dirt bikers unnecessarily thrashing their way about.

The bright orange sign at the official DELWP start of Rocky Ned Walk cannot be missed. It will guide you through the dirt bike deterrent gate and up the slope to the lookout. At around 700m elevation, the lookout consists of a granite platform taking in unhindered180 degree views with Mt Buffalo in the far distance. Some years ago a steel fence was installed to prevent falls down the sheer drop.

Car parking
Picnic table
Trailhead sign
Directional signs
Dirt bike deterrent gate
Flora and fauna habitat

Strathbogie Forest camping is permitted at Ruoaks and James Reserve
Camp site minimum is 20m from water

Cliff faces
Modest climbs
Rocks may fall
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water
Slippery surfaces
Snakes may be active
Carry food, water, be SunSmart
Be equipped for self-reliant hiking
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Be mindful to keep within the Reserve

Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times
Take rubbish with you
Native flora and fauna are protected
Do not remove timber from standing trees
Use fireplaces where provided
Closed on days of total fire ban
No 4WD or motor bike access
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed, be registered

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Points of Interest

1. Car parking

Park here at the intersection of Mt Albert & Police Tracks where there is plenty of room. Cross Police Track to the un-signed track opposite Mt Albert Track to start.

2. Creek wash

A small creek may wash across the granite pavement at the beginning of the walk after rain. Usually just a sheet of water, it can make the rock slippery. Take care.

3. Fungi

Fungi such as these Orange Peel Fungus are a feature of the forest. Diverse, prolific and well worth a visit just for the pleasure of discovery. It is also a great place for wildflowers.

4. Yellow-tail Black Cockatoos

A dramatic contrast in biodiversity exists on either side of the track. Various flora, fauna and birdlife inhabit the forest. Opposite, in the pines, not. But, this species thrives on pine cone seed.

5. Rocky Ned Walk entry

Entry to the specific Rocky Ned Walk begins at this sign on the left. You may choose to drive to this point. Driving conditions on pine plantation tracks are unreliable. 4WD recommended.

6. Picnic table

There is a picnic table provided at the bottom of Rocky Ned Walk.

7. Motorcycle deterrent gateway

As for many walking tracks, illegal dirt bikes have caused damage. This entry gate was installed to make it clear - vehicles and motor bikes are only allowed to use formed roads.

8. The foot track

For the lower 2/3, the track is a smooth, dirt footpath with a modest incline before it gets closer to the summit.

9. Steps and rock hopping

As you get closer to the top, steps are cut into the track and some rocky sections require a bit of rock hopping. It is not difficult to manage, but be sure of your footing.

10. Peppermint Gum grassy woodland

The open woodland near the top is pretty as a picture. Make sure you take one.

11. The lookout

Your reward. The view across the valley to the High Country is a treat.

12. Room for exploring

To the right of the lookout is a granite rocky outcrop that invites further exploration. Be careful, it is a long way down! Be mindful, this is home to many plants and creatures. Do no damage.


Picnic spot Picnic spot
Seating available Seating available
Nature trail Nature trail