Edenhope wetlands and cemetery trail

Charles Street

Edenhope wetlands and cemetery trail

Charles Street

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Visit the old cricket grounds , watch the bird life and see some history and visit the old graves

Edenhope wetlands and cemetery trail

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Visit the old cricket grounds , watch the bird life and see some history and visit the old graves


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Native birds, old orchards , graves and wonderful gums. Wander through the lovely Edenhope township and enjoy a secret sanctuary.

You'll come across the old cricket ground and facilities and meander down the winding road past some lovely homes among a backdrop of native flora and fauna.

Visit the graveyard - dating back to 1860 - home now to past folk who found and worked the fields to make Edenhope what it is today.

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Points of Interest

1. Charles St looking to wetlands

The the winding road along side of the cemetery

2. Cemetery

Wander around through the past. You may fine someone you once new or even a relative.

3. Wetlands viewed from Charles st

Looking across the wetlands you can see Edenhope in the background

4. Large Gum tree

This dramatic old gum has been here for hundreds of years way before white settlement

5. Old cricket field

Wander around on the old grounds and feel the past where many have played before, reminiscing the first Australian aboriginal cricket team that practiced on the field in front of lake Wallace.

6. Small stream home to frogs and birdlife

Amongst large old red gums you can fine the run off stream where you often find water birds .

7. Wetland sanctuary park

Turn right and walk towards the town heading to the bird watching jetty

8. Bridge to town

head into town past the Lutheran Church with modern glass window

9. Birds of a feather

Street art depicting some of the wonderful birds in our area

10. Steel trout sculpture

Artistic representation of the wonderful trout fish that are stocked in our lake

11. Bridge over wetland creek

Head back around the town and follow the gravel road to the bridge leading past the wetlands to the cemetery walk

12. Road to the Cemetery

Follow the road which leads to the Edenhope cemetery graves date from late 1860s to the present


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