Longwood Rec Reserve Walk

23 - 41 Down St., Longwood 3665

Longwood Rec Reserve Walk

23 - 41 Down St., Longwood 3665

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1 h 5 m
4.39 km

You will be hard pressed to find a more feature packed small town Recreation Reserve. It's big and the extensive community offerings are bold. Great to ramble, interesting to explore.

Longwood Rec Reserve Walk

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You will be hard pressed to find a more feature packed small town Recreation Reserve. It's big and the extensive community offerings are bold. Great to ramble, interesting to explore.


This historic site is home to the Longwood Community Centre, equestrian and numerous other sporting facilities, as well as a fine ex golf course parkland and free camping - it is a Recreation Reserve with the lot.

Add in 4km+ of tracks and you have a winner for walkers. The map here is designed so you will barely repeat a section in 4.5km. Alternatively, make your own loops of a length that suits you.

Come for a short walk or stay overnight, there is plenty to see. If you get your timing right you could also find yourself joining the "For the Love of Ale" Festival, watching an Australian Carriage Driving Society Championship or an equestrian dressage event, greyhound coursing, the footy, netball or tennis.

There is a fully fenced children's playground beside a nearby shelter with table and seats. Public toilets are also close at hand.

Free camping has been trailed in 2020 for up to 72 hours of parking in a self contained vehicle. Check if this is continuing before arriving. If you do stay, be nice, make a donation at the store, White Hart Hotel or The Rockery and support local businesses.

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Car parking
Picnic tables
Public toilets
Potable water
Horse corrals
Equestrian facilities
Trail head sign
Walking tracks
Free camping
Historic features
Sports Reserves
Information signs
Alternative routes
Shop, Pub and wineries nearby

Open water
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
Road surfaces vary
Snakes may be active
Tracks may not be clear
Beware of vehicle traffic
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Be mindful to keep within the Reserve
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart

Camp only on the area west of all facilities and not on the oval or in the car park itself
Connecting to water taps or power points is not allowed
Do not camp under trees or closer than 2m to a neighbour.
Dogs may be off lead as long as they remain clear of the greyhound and equestrian areas
Otherwise, pets must be leashed / under control at all times.
Leave no trace and take your rubbish with you
Waste water cassettes must not be emptied into recreation reserve toilets
Historic relics are protected
Native flora and fauna are protected
No firewood collection and do not remove timber from standing trees
No fires on the ground, only in places provided. None during the Fire Danger Period
Closed on days of Code Red
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed, be registered

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Points of Interest

1. Historic stone entrance

The entry gates are made from stone quarried in Old Longwood and recovered from a local bridge on the first Melbourne to Sydney Road. The construction celebrated the 100th anniversary of New Longwood

2. Site map

Just in case you need guidance on the spot, there is a map of the Reserve at the entrance.

3. Plenty of car parking

In the middle of a sporting triangle bounded by netball, tennis courts and the football oval is a sizeable car park. Begin here, use the map as a guide to cover the whole Reserve or make your own loop

4. Longwood Redlegs Australian Rules Football Oval.

This well maintained and appointed oval would be the envy of many much larger communities.

5. The Fisherman

It is great to see public art in a Recreation Reserve. Maybe there should be more of it?

6. View across the water

The pretty dam supports a number of bird species.

7. Grand mature trees

Waning interest in the Golf Course has not meant waning interest in the site. The vegetation lining the old fairways has matured to create a lovely parkland that includes a variety of grand trees.

8. The Historic Racecourse

The Longwood Racing Club saw its first race Boxing Day 1885. Here, you can walk the smooth surface of the old racecourse. If it is in use for equestrian purposes, there is a parallel walking track.

9. Equestrian jumps and challenges

Home to some of the best bred horses in the nation, this is outstanding thoroughbred country. The Recreation Reserve reflects this rich equine heritage.

10. Holding Pens and Euroa Pony Club

This section of the Reserve is designed purely for the equine enthusiast with facilities to provide for the needs of both mount and rider.

11. Longwood Greyhound Coursing Club

This 350m trolley lure grass track is managed and maintained by volunteer enthusiasts. Trials are run every Sunday morning. It's well worth a visit.

12. Judges boxes old and new

Coursing has its 150th anniversary in 2023. Some of its history is resident in Longwood.

13. Playground

The younger kids are not forgotten. A fenced playground ensures there is something for everyone at this well appointed Recreation Reserve.

14. Ex Golf Course

Evidence suggests golf is no longer a primary sporting activity. However, golfing artefacts remain and if you want to spend some time on a mown fairway there is ample space at the Reserve's south end.

15. A fine parkland

Calling this a Recreation Reserve is a significant understatement. It doesn't account for the arboretum like parkland that has grown up in place of the old Golf Course.

16. The view to Strathbogie Tableland

Looking across the plains to the summit of Mt Wombat. Deep rural landscapes reflect the vital agricultural base of the region.

17. Free camping

Sheltered seats and tables, potable water, toileting facilities and plenty of space to enjoy. Why wouldn't you camp here?


Playground Playground
Picnic Spot Picnic Spot
Drinking Water available Drinking Water available
Seating Available Seating Available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Historical Interest Historical Interest
Art and Culture Art and Culture
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden