Longwood Heritage Walk

Pub Paddock 55 - 65 Down St., Longwood 3665

Longwood Heritage Walk

Pub Paddock 55 - 65 Down St., Longwood 3665

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Take a walk along the wide streets of Longwood, a classic Central Victorian town. Historic sites, rural lifestyle and evident community pride will keep you engaged.

Longwood Heritage Walk

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Take a walk along the wide streets of Longwood, a classic Central Victorian town. Historic sites, rural lifestyle and evident community pride will keep you engaged.


As for so many Victorian towns, traffic to Victorian goldfields saw the original Longwood settlement securely established. However, arrival of the railway in 1872 moved the town's centre of activity. It resulted in Old Longwood’s eventual depopulation. The site of today’s main township is New Longwood, surveyed in 1885 to make the most of the railway line.

The town has interesting stories to tell. Bushrangers and ne'er-do-wells roved local hills and plains, including the notorious Kelly Gang. Drought and fire have taken their toll. New technologies such as rail and and the motor car have heavily influenced residents comings and goings.

There were many enterprises supported by the town. At various times there have been several hotels, a telegraph repeater station, a tolling station, a railway station, a bank, Post Office, a coach builder and blacksmith, sale yards, 7 saw mills, grocery stores, butchers, a horse racing track and numerous social and sporting clubs.

Today, it is hard to believe that at the turn of the 19th / 20th century this was dairy as well as sheep country. By the 1920s, land was five pounds per acre. One acre was said to support a ewe and a lamb. The arrival of superphosphate increased stock holdings significantly. Resident Brian Morrison broke the world shearing record by shearing 410 Merinos in 7 hours and 48 minutes. With wife Judy, their next big accomplishment was “Morrisons”, a company that became a household name across the nation for quality rural apparel.

Few localities can claim multiple heroes awarded the Victoria Cross for their bravery. Three local soldiers have been memorialised here and in grand style at the VC Memorial in nearby Euroa. Major Leslie Maygar in the Boer War, Captain Fred Tubb and Corporal Alexander Burton at Gallipoli in WWI.

The ever busier modern world, with its urban focus and city to city fast cars whizzing past on the freeway by pass, have seen quieter times come to Longwood. However, this is probably another good reason for you to take some time out here.

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Houston, Ildie B. "From the Days of Old Longwood" Euroa Printers 2007
Brodie, Maurie "Welcome to Longwood" display maps at the Pub Paddock

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Points of Interest

1. Pub Paddock

Amenities at the Pub Paddock parkland cater well for visitors. There are historic plaques, sheltered BBQ & picnic tables, seating, potable water, clean public toilets, info boards, even a BMX track.

2. St Andrew's Anglican Church

Built in 1901, the Church congregations were serviced by Ministers arriving on horseback, in buggies or gigs. One Rev Wray had to conduct 3 weddings between here, Euroa and Violet Town in 1 day!.

3. Well spread domestic settings

It is great just to walk around, see and savour what people do with all the space in this spread out town. Photographers will love it.

4. St Patrick's Catholic Church

Still beautifully maintained and pretty as a picture, this structure was built by new settler Irishman Patrick Lyddy in 1895. If you enjoy a mystery, investigate St Patrick's walkabout while here.

5. Longwood School No. 2707

As the population centre shifted from Old to New Longwood, schooling needed to move too. The "new" 1884 building still delivers, spruced up and handsome. Many notable men and women have attended.

6. Period domestic architecture

If you love period homes, this is a walk you will really enjoy. Many 19th c entry cottages are a credit to owners who have cared for them such that they have survived well over 100 years.

7. The Spitfire

This scale model features squadron and aircraft numbers matching the original plane. It has chainsaw bar propeller blades and Harley Davidson mufflers as cannon.

8. Historic artefacts everywhere

Around town, artefacts either remain where last left or have been placed as icons of the past. To see what you can find, walk with your eyes wide open and your power of observation switched on.

9. Under the tracks

The railway arrived in the 1870s, moving the centre of town away from the original site at Longwood East. Cross the bridge over Cameron's Well Creek, turn right to follow the track under the lines.

10. Prime lamb country

Sheep are part of the landscape around here. Fat lambs are a major part of the economy.

11. Railway Hotel

On this site, the first hotel built in New Longwood was the Railway Hotel. Sarah Kieran was its proprietor and the first woman in Victoria to be granted a hotel licence.

12. Longwood Railway Station

Opened 12 November 1872, 2 lines, goods sheds on both sides, an extended platform and a 19th century station building in all its carefully built glory -Longwood was once an activity hub.

13. Longwood Railway Platform

In 1981 a deputation met with Transport Minister Mr Maclellan to try to stop the closure of Longwood Station. Today, the once longest platform in Victoria is all that remains.

14. Seven wood mills

Rail made wood a viable industry. This mill was established on the line near the station. By 1894, 150 tons per day were being transported by rail to Melbourne. Common accidents included lost digits.

15. The Smithy

Now shuttered corrugated iron, the Blacksmith site near the town centre reflects its importance to a bygone age. 1871 assault charges arose from a jealous spat between a young smith and his overseer.

16. The White Hart Hotel

This historic hotel has graced the main intersection of the new town since 1885. Aside from an episode of fire damage, it has been continuously operating since its opening.

17. The Rockery

The Rockery Gemstone Museum boasts nine rooms housing an impressive collection of jewellery, crystals and polished gemstones.

18. Period cottages

Home to generations of Longwood residences, the many 100yo plus domestic residences are a charming feature of the township.

19. What will you find?

Who knows? But, certainly Longwood offers the chance to seek and ye will find. It feels a bit like an historic treasure hunt.

20. The Old General Store

In a sad sate of collapse, this was once a township activity centre. Nearly everyone had an account. Bills went out first day of each month. A twist of boiled lollies rewarded prompt payment.

21. A window tells a story

Signs of the changing times.

22. The Commercial Hotel

Originally a wooden structure burnt down at the turn of the 19th / 20th century, business continued in the stables until the brick replacement was complete. Boer War homecomings took place here.

23. The Boer War Memorial

From 1903, the inscribed pedestal has crossed rifle designs. The granite first base is from Harcourt, second from Graytown, pedestal and column from Belgium. The cannon was donated by Defence Dept.

24. The Old Fire Shed

Longwood and District were the first registered Bush Fire Brigade in Victoria. Black Saturday 1965 their darkest day, with 7 local deaths. A commemorative mural now graces the old Fire Shed.

25. The General Store and Post Office

It may be a quiet looking country town, but watch the store for a while and you will see just how many people come to town to do business here. Friendly service, take away and all the basics provided


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