Dorset Recreation Trail

Jenkins Lane, Croydon 3136

Dorset Recreation Trail

Jenkins Lane, Croydon 3136

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4.82 km

You wouldn't know this impressive shared pathway circuit exists unless you are a local. A well maintained bushy track loops around the attractive Dorset Public Golf Course & expansive playing fields.

Dorset Recreation Trail

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You wouldn't know this impressive shared pathway circuit exists unless you are a local. A well maintained bushy track loops around the attractive Dorset Public Golf Course & expansive playing fields.


A sideways extension of the wonderful Tarralla Creek Trail, the Dorset Recreation Trail loop is a great place for a 5km brisk flat walk in a peaceful suburban green space. There are broad and beautiful playing fields, bushy tracks, off leash dog play areas, horse paddocks, hydration stations, Mt Dandenong views, a playground and a lovely sculpted golf course to look in on from many vantage points. There are also many pretty boundary back gardens to admire.

The trail has 10 entry points from various surrounding suburban streets. However, only Jenkins Lane has a dedicated large car park. Most entry points have rubbish bins sited nearby. The Recreation Reserve itself is very clean and the off leash dog play area suggests a strong local clean up after your dog culture.

Maroondah City Council are to be congratulated. Ongoing works to the Tarralla Creek environs support the promise of significant and valuable urban walking improvements within this still well treed LGA. Maintenance works on this trail appear timely and effective.

The tracks consist of firm gravel or concrete paving, often under a leafy canopy of natives. They follow a fairly flat route around the Kilsyth Main Retarding Basin and the undulating golf course.

This is a nice walk with the bonus of lots of warm "Hellos" and smiling faces to greet you as you join local patrons in doing the loop.

If you would like to make an outing of your visit to the area including food, Dorset Gardens Hotel is beside the walk. Croydon's pretty Main Street shopping strip is also walking distance away. There are restaurants there as well.

Walking from and back to Croydon Railway Station only adds a couple of kilometres each way via the Tarralla Creek Trail connection through Town Park. These parklands are really worth experiencing, so considering arrival by train or bus is highly recommended.

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Car parking
Trail head sign
Walking tracks
Restaurants nearby
Sports Reserves
Alternative routes
Off leash dog play
Flora and fauna habitat

Limbs may fall
No potable water
Surfaces vary
Pathways are shared with cyclists
Snakes may be active
Be mindful to keep within the Reserve
Be SunSmart
During improvement grounds work, there were portable public toilets at the car park (the nearby Croydon Parklands have plenty as well)

Even around the off leash area, dogs must be on a leash within 15 metres of the trail.
Motorbikes are not allowed.

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Points of Interest

1. Trail markers

You would have to try very hard to get lost on this intra suburban circuit. But for first timers the bollard style indicators are useful.

2. Car parking

The end of Jenkins Lane has plenty of car parking space. There are ten other access points to the Trail throughout, but they are all off suburban streets.

3. The locals are friendly

The human life is friendly. Almost everyone has a smile or a nod at minimum and others even venture to chat. If you prefer birdlife, I saw near 20 bird species on one circuit of the trail.

4. The Retarding Basin

A key function of this site is to slow water flow into the surrounding suburbs. Some of the playing fields can get a bit wet under foot. However, this part trail itself is elevated above these areas.

5. The playing fields.

There are some excellent looking pitches and more being added.

6. Various entry points, bins provided.

There are around ten entry and exit points along the walk. Many have bins provided. this may explain the welcome absence of litter.

7. Trail surfaces - concrete.

Both concrete and firm gravel surfaces make up the trail.

8. Trail surfaces - firm gravel.

Two thirds of the trail is compacted gravel

9. Indigenous plantings.

The trail has a lovely bushy feel with many flowering natives.

10. Popular for various forms of recreation.

Walking, jogging, cycling, golfing, sporting, playground activities and dog socialisation are all going on across the Recreation Reserve. It is great for people watching.

11. Hydration Stations

Potable water is available on both the northern and southern stretches of the trail.

12. Driver Training Centre and Motorcycle Training Club

It is worth noting these points of interest beside the trail. They look like excellent facilities for learner drivers and motorcycle riders.

13. Dorset Golf Course

The golf course makes a picturesque backdrop to most of the trail.

14. Horse paddocks.

Pockets of the area's grazing past still exist.

15. Seating throughout.

Seating is spaced regularly along the trail.

16. Dorset Golf entry

In case you are interested, Dorset public Golf Course looks like a very attractive place to play.

17. Playground.

A nice little bushy spot for a bit of child's play or a stretch.

18. Dog fun

There is a huge off leash dog facility here with lots of room for the fastest canine to really burn off some energy and enjoy social encounters at the same time.


Public Transport Public Transport
Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden