Werribee to Riverbend Park loop

Centennial Bridge, Comben Drive, Werribee

Werribee to Riverbend Park loop

Centennial Bridge, Comben Drive, Werribee

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8.21 km

With ancient River Redgums, tranquil river scenery and interesting historical markers, this 8 km loop along the Werribee River is a hidden gem in the west.

Werribee to Riverbend Park loop

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With ancient River Redgums, tranquil river scenery and interesting historical markers, this 8 km loop along the Werribee River is a hidden gem in the west.


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This loop starts and finishes at Bicentennial Bridge at Wyndham Park and follows the meandering Werribee River north to Riverbend Historical Park.

The star attraction of this walk is the river itself. Graced by River Redgums believed to be 200-400 years old, many spots along the riverbank offer a great place to catch a cool breeze or to just sit and slow down with nature. Platypus have been seen in all sections of the river including this stretch. This walk is popular in the mornings and evenings, especially at sunset.

Historic markers and significant trees are pointed out via interpretive signage. Information is provided by Wyndham City , Werribee Historical Society and the Werribee River Association .

While this walk is paved, you'll need to cross twice at Cottrell Street bridge. Watch out for fast cars.

Riverbank Historical Park has barbeques but lacks toilets and drinking water. Toilets are available at the start/finish of this walk in the well-equipped Wyndham Park. Additional toilets, drinking water and a playground can be found in President Park. To get there, take a 500-metre detour west at Heaths Road.

If you're after a shorter walk, use the footpath to cross the river at Heaths Road and head back towards Werribee for a 5.3 km loop.

This walk connects to the south with Wyndham Park Loop and to the north with Riverbend to Davis Creek, Tarneit .

Wyndham Park is a great place for a BBQ or picnic. For a good selection of cafes and bakeries, head across the orange pedestrian bridge to Watton Street.

Thank you to the Werribee River Association . for contributing information and photography for this map.

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Points of Interest

1. Bluestone bridge from Bicentennial Bridge

Start this walk in Wyndham Park on the west side of the Werribee River and pass under the historic bluestone bridge.

2. The view upstream from Cottrell Street bridge

This is the only point in the walk where you'll need to cross a road. Take care and look out for fast cars.

3. Werribee blue box

This species of eucalypt is only found along the Werribee and Lerderderg river systems. Photo by Werribee River Association.

4. Boobook owl

Trees along the river provide homes for birds such as the Boobook Owl. Photo by Werribee River Association.

5. Platypus

Platypus have been sighted in all sections in the river included in this walk. Photo by Werribee River Keeper.

6. A cool and shady stretch of the path

Enjoy the backdrop of the river along the shared footway.

7. Optional turn off for Presidents Park

Take a detour for a playground, toilets and drinking water. Follow the walking path under the bridge and walk 600 metres west.

8. Werribee Diversion Weir

Built in 1909 and still in use, the weir is significant for irrigation for Werribee South farms, and for migrating elvers (eels).

9. Riverbend Historic Park

The canoe launching area is a picturesque place to stop for a while.

10. Canoe and kayak launching place

A popular spot for water sports and fishing, located on a beautiful bend in the river.

11. Electric barbeques

There are some nice places to sit by the river, but this barbeque area lacks shade, toilets and drinking water.

12. River gazing

There are plenty of lovely spots along the trail to appreciate the Werribee River.

13. A seat in a shady spot

There are plenty of places to take a rest along the well-made path.

14. Riverbank view

Upstream of the weir the river is wide and majestic.

15. Mediterranean Stone Pine

A spectacular tree believed to have been planted in 1888 by the Chaffey Brothers to mark a boundary of the Werribee Irrigation Colony.

16. Basic playground with drinking water available

Stop and refresh at the 2nd Werribee Scouts hall.

17. Eucalypts and native flora support bugs and birdlife

Plantings are becoming established, making the path more attractive and shady for humans and all sorts of wildlife.


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