Betka River to Pebbly Beach

Betka Rd, Mallacoota

Betka River to Pebbly Beach

Betka Rd, Mallacoota

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1 h 23 m
5.54 km

A very enjoyable walk that features absolutely stunning ocean views, coastal woodlands, heathlands and secluded beaches.

Betka River to Pebbly Beach

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A very enjoyable walk that features absolutely stunning ocean views, coastal woodlands, heathlands and secluded beaches.


A ripper of a walk that is about 6km one way so to do the full return (about 11km, leaving out the beach visits on the way back), allow 3 hours at an easy pace. The path is a little overgrown in parts and has some steep steps and the occasional rocky sections, but most people could easily complete it.

There are toilets and a picnic area with gas BBQ at Betka River and occasional seats along the whole walk.

If you are doing the return walk, you can easily take a slight detour and walk a section of the Betka Beach loop track back to the start. It's about the same distance and its gorgeous (the walk is signed and is about half way between Quarry Beach and Betka River).

The walk is part of the longer and wonderful Mallacoota Coastal Walk.

The Visit Mallacoota website has some good information on some of the beaches in this walk.

Dogs on lead allowed (until the very end of the walk when the Croajingolong National Park starts dogs are not allowed).

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Points of Interest

1. The Path

For the first half of the walk, the path is a well-made compacted gravel track that snakes around the coastline.

2. Lookout to Bastion Point

You can see past Betka River all the way to Bastion Point and beyond.

3. Spiders web

We didn't go out to the second lookout because we didn't want to disturb this magnificent Orb Spider's web (see link).

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4. Wildflowers

Keep an eye out for wildflowers, some are quite small and beautiful.

5. Rocky shoreline

From some of the viewing platforms you can look down to rocky beaches that must be amazing to see when the seas are rough.

6. Overgrown path

There are some sections where vegetation is growing over the path.

7. Quarry Beach

There are a few steps to get down to Quarry Beach, but definitely worth descending.

8. Rock formations

There are some pretty amazing rock formations along the Quarry Beach

9. Path to Secret Beach

The burnt trunks remind of the bushfires. The path is a little narrow to Secret Beach

10. Out to sea

There are some pretty stunning views out to sea along the whole walk.

11. Termite mound

Not a great photo, but the termite mound was a surprise to us.

12. Sign to Secret Beach

It made us chuckle that even the sign to Secret Beach is a bit secretive.

13. Steps to Secret

There are some new and quite wonderful steps down to Secret. We saw a Lyrebird on the path to the beach.

14. Secret Beach

We wish we'd brought our togs with us to this beautiful, sheltered little beach.

15. Down to Secret

Another stunning view.

16. Bridge to Pebbly

The track down to Pebbly is wide and complete with a bridge over the creek.

17. Pebbly Beach

A not very pebbly, Pebbly Beach, apart from the southern end. It's worth the walk! (Photo: Leonie Daws)

18. Rock pools

Allow time to explore the rock pools/rocky outcrops. Note no dogs beyond here as it is the start of the Croajingolong National Park.


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