Mallacoota Coastal Walk

Mallacoota-Genoa Rd

Mallacoota Coastal Walk

Mallacoota-Genoa Rd

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2 h 19 m
9.3 km

This excellent walk with stunning oceans views starts in Mallacoota and takes you through bush, heathlands to link the many beaches along the coast.

Mallacoota Coastal Walk

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This excellent walk with stunning oceans views starts in Mallacoota and takes you through bush, heathlands to link the many beaches along the coast.


This wonderful walk has been cleverly designed so at nearly 10km one way (18km return) it can be taken in one go or easily broken into separate walks.

The stages of the walk have been individually mapped if you prefer to only walk sections at a time. If you do, start with the 1.8km Casuarina walk before connecting to the short 800m Heathland walk . The Heathland finishes at Davis Beach then connects to Betka River (take the Davis Beach to Betka River loop walk but for the Mallacoota Coastal Walk you continue on rather than taking the return loop). The final stage is Betka River to Pebbly Beach .

If you are doing the return walk, you can easily take a slight detour and walk a section of the Betka Beach loop track back to the start. Its about the same distance and its gorgeous (the walk is signed and is about half way between Quarry Beach and Betka River).

The Visit Mallacoota website has some good information on some of the beaches in this walk.

There are toilets and a picnic area with gas BBQ at Betka River and occasional seats along the whole walk.

Dogs on lead allowed.

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Points of Interest

1. The start

The start is clearly signed from the Mallacoota-Betka Rd.

2. The bush near the start

The walk takes you through some gorgeous bush in recovery from the fires.

3. The path

Parts of the well-formed path are surrounded by some quite lush looking bush.

4. Seats

There are a couple of seats along the way to stop and watch and listen to the birds.

5. Betka Road

Cross over the Betka Road and continue on the Heathland section of the walk.

6. Blackened trees

The bush changes as you walk through a stand of blackened trees that remind of the 2020 bushfires.

7. To the ocean

As you near the ocean the heathland vegetation is much more sparse and provides little shade, but it is no less beautiful.

8. Davis Beach lookout

Stop to take in the view from the Davis Beach viewing platform. The beach is a popular surfing spot and if there are surfers out its nice to watch them in action.

9. Sandy path

The path becomes more sandy and the vegetation changes as you walk up through the dunes.

10. Crossing the Betka River

The mouth of the Betka River is not always open, but was about 40cm deep and easy to cross with shoes off. Check it is safe before crossing and if not you have to double back and cross at the bridge.

11. Path from Betka

The path at the last section from Betka River starts as a well-made compacted gravel track that snakes around the coastline.

12. Lookout to Bastion Point

There are nine viewing platforms on this section and from this one can see past Betka River all the way to Bastion Point and beyond.

13. Wildflowers

Keep an eye out for some of the really gorgeous wildflowers along the walk.

14. Overgrown path

When we walked in January 2020, there were sections of the path that were a little overgrown but still easy to follow.

15. Quarry Beach

There are some pretty amazing rock formations along the Quarry Beach.

16. Out to sea

There are some pretty stunning views out to sea along the whole walk.

17. Steps to a secret

There are some new and quite wonderful steps own to Secret Beach. We saw a Lyrebird on the path to the beach.

18. Secret Beach

We wish we'd bought our togs with us to this beautiful, sheltered little beach.

19. Bridge to Pebbly Beach

The track down to Pebbly is wide and compete with a bridge over the creek.

20. Pebbly Beach

Allow time to explore the rock pools, amazing rocky formations and a sea cave at the northern end (low tide). Note, no dogs beyond here as it is the start of the Croajingolong National Park.


Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river