Balaclava Street Art Walk

60 William Street, Balaclava VIC 3183, Australia

Balaclava Street Art Walk

60 William Street, Balaclava VIC 3183, Australia
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An introduction to graffiti and street art from a local kid.

Balaclava Street Art Walk

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At St Kilda Primary School in 2012 all the Grade 3s had to do a 'passion project' on something we loved about where we lived. I usually walk everywhere and love the graffiti I get to see. It changes all the time. One day a familiar piece is blanked out and replaced with something new. When you walk around these places a lot - especially by the railway line, you get to see the graffiti wars between different artists. We've seen pieces slashed and then been blanked out by their original artist with an apology painted on. It's like an ongoing story with its own language, but you don't need to get any of that to enjoy just looking at the art.

NB: From May 2013 Railway Walk may be closed off for Balaclava Station works, Williams St is a good alternative but don't skip the vacant lot by the railway! Also, Darren's Owls sometimes get stolen so if they're not there come again because he glues up new ones.


Points of Interest

1. Monkey

This laneway usually has a couple of illustrative pieces, mostly sprays but sometimes stencils. My favourite is this funny little monkey man. Will he still be there when you walk by?

2. Darren's Owls

Darren Henderson is a local artist who has a thing for owls... And I love these! See if you can spot another of his owls when you get to Wall Two 80 further in the walk

3. Big Men Laughing

These guys are HUGE! And this vacant site where they are is the biggest graffiti canvas in Balaclava. Walk this way often for an ever changing exhibition.

4. Railway Walk Brick

Good big brick walls here are always covered and often turned over with new pieces. Look at the detaills to see messages between artists and how they respond to eachother's work.

5. Railway Walk Tin

If tags are your thing then this section of the railway walk is for you.

6. Wall Two 80

Wall Two 80 is a favourite local cafe, and its big outside wall is always covered with art.

7. The End of the Wall

It's worth walking to the end of the wall as curious little bits of street art pop up here. Paste ups, stencils, the odd diorama...

8. Dragon Lane

This is a long way from the rest of the walk but it is worth it. On one side is a huge and amazing Chinese themed piece that is the biggest single piece I've seen. On the other is an awesome mix up!

9. Tile Faces

I forgot to put this in the walk and can't change the map, but it's good to go for a wander through the playground at the Williams St reserve just nearby, there are sneaky tiled faces stuck on walls!


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