Skeleton Waterholes Creek

Sussex Ct, Tarneit VIC 3029

Skeleton Waterholes Creek

Sussex Ct, Tarneit VIC 3029

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A great 5 km loop around the waterholes of Skeleton Creek and Tarneit Creek. With wide-open space and wetland habitats, this walk is excellent for connecting to nature in Melbourne's west.

Skeleton Waterholes Creek

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A great 5 km loop around the waterholes of Skeleton Creek and Tarneit Creek. With wide-open space and wetland habitats, this walk is excellent for connecting to nature in Melbourne's west.


This 5 km walk along the Skeleton Creek trail loops between Truganina and Tarneit and takes in Tarneit Creek wetlands.

Skeleton Creek, also known as Skeleton Waterholes Creek, was once a series of seasonal waterholes thought to resemble vertebrates of a spine.
In many places, Skeleton Creek is thick with phragmites, common reed grass, and is a haven for birdlife, frogs and insects.

The creek is home to a huge array of birdlife, eastern long-neck turtles, rakali, (native water rats) and many species of frogs, such as the endangered growling grass frog.

Friends of Skeleton Creek have been revegetating and restoring the creek for over 30 years and have made an enormous difference to the creek and the natural environment. Partners in the restoration include NatureWest, Wyndham City Council and Melbourne Water.

The trail surface is smooth and sealed.

Toilets are available at Mahbeer’s Talliver Terrace Park.

Public transport: This walk can be accessed by buses along Leakes Road (152, 160) or Sayers Road (150).

Thank you to Bruce Boddington for contributing photos and information for this walk.

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Points of Interest

1. The Skeleton Creek trail

The trail follows the bends of Skeleton Waterholes Creek north on the Truganina side.

2. Footbridge at Arthur Close

Continue past the footbridge across Skeleton Creek that links Tarneit with Truganina. Use this bridge to shorten or modify the walk.

3. BBQs and amenities

Public toilets, undercover seating, barbeques and drinking water are available up the ramp at Truganina Talliver Park.

4. Bridge over basalt swales

Volunteers have planted thousands of saplings along the creek including these at Forsyth Road Drain. They will provide habitat, shade and filtration to the waterway.

5. Nature West and Friends of Skeleton Creek

For over 30 years, volunteers have worked hard to restore and rehabilitate the creek.

6. Wetland habitat

This beautiful bend in the creek provides a habitat for frogs, birds, fish and insects.

7. Birdlife

Ducks and swans are the more common bird species found at the creek. Photo by Bruce Boddington.

8. Morris Road bridge

Cross to the other side of the creek via the footpath on Morris Road bridge.

9. A popular spot for birdlife

The waterholes below the bridge are popular with egrets, cormorants and ducks.

10. Undulating path

A small bridge over Tarneit Creek leads towards Duck Haven Crescent Playground.

11. Tarneit Creek wetlands

Take a detour around Tarneit Creek wetlands, a lovely series of waterholes. Listen out for frogs!

12. A pergola with a view

If you need to rest for a while, take a seat in the pergola and enjoy the view.

13. Blue stone bridge

Cross Tarneit Creek on the blue stone bridge

14. View of Skeleton Creek

The path continues up Skeleton Creek. From this viewpoint, the series of waterholes is evident.

15. Dairy Fields Park

Interpretive signage highlight the history of the old dairy site.

16. The creek has significant Aboriginal sites

Before European settlement, the waterway supplied rich resources to local Indigenous groups.

17. Egrets, moorhens and rakali

The creek provides habitat for a wide range of species.

18. Basalt swales

As part of the Western Volcanic Plains, basalt in this area is abundant. Stormwater runoff is filtered through basalt swales.

19. Please, don't feed the ducks!

Cross the footbridge and start the return leg on the other side of the creek.

20. Waterholes

Phragmites, common reed grass, and the waterholes are characteristic features of Skeleton Creek.

21. Birdwatching from the bridge

A large variety of woodland and waterbird species have been observed here.

22. Willy Wagtail family

In the tree canopies, many bird species hunt, breed and play. Photo by Bruce Boddinton

23. Eucalypts

Hundreds of eucalyptus saplings have been planted by Friend of Skeleton Creek and Nature West.

24. Approaching the final bridge of the walk

Cross the bridge to Mahbeer’s Talliver Terrace Park if you need the amenities.


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