Werribee River Park

Hill Lane, Cocoroc VIC 3030, Australia

Werribee River Park

Hill Lane, Cocoroc VIC 3030, Australia
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A walk of stunning views of the Werribee River. While you stretch your legs, you'll feel expansive when you walk along the top of the river, taking in the views to the horizon and the big blue sky.

Werribee River Park

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The walk starts and ends at the Werribee River Park car park. Follow the track to the right which is a straight walk along the top of the escarpment. Werribee River is below you to your left. A little way along, the path dips down a gentle slope to bring you off the escarpment and down to the river level.

For a shorter walk, turn left and follow the path back towards the car park. If you want to see impressive views of Werribee River, the red K Road cliffs and the waterbirds continue on straight. The path climbs up a gentle slope to the top of the escarpment.

The vast area to your left has formerly been used as grazing land and is slowly being revegetated. Werribee River Park is part of a Ramsar site which aims to protect and provide safe habitat for migratory birds. From where you are on the top of the escarpment, the possibility to view these birds is perfect. You can also clearly view the waterbirds on Werribee River below you from this height. They remain undisturbed by you at this distance so you can watch them in their natural setting. Beyond the river is a patchwork of farm land paddocks, the different crops creating a colourful tapestry.

Turn around and continue back along the track. At the slope down from the escarpment, take the track to the right and walk along at river level. To the right is a foot bridge heading over Werribee River and into Werribee Park. Continue past this and ahead of you is the picnic area, set amongst the almighty River Red Gum trees.

There is a long and gently sloping ramp leading back up the top of the escarpment. From the top, turn right and take the path to the carpark.

This walk is part of the Heart Foundation's Green Walks in the Park Program. Follow the link above for more information.


There is a picnic area with tables and chairs.
There are no bathroom facilities.
Dogs are permitted but must remain on a lead.

There is no public transport nearby.

By Car
From the Princes Fwy turn left into Farm Road, which runs through the Western Treatment Plant. Follow it to the end where it turns left onto a gravel road. This road will take you to the car park and start of the walk. (Melways: 224 J5).

An alternative is to park at Werribee Park and walk through to Werribee River Park.

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Points of Interest

1. Werribee River Park

Explore the beauty of the Werribee River and its natural surrounds. See link for more information.

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2. Enjoy the views

The river is lined by colourful Common Reed and looks as smooth and calm as the golf course behind it.

3. The track

The gravel track runs off the escarpment and down to river level here.

4. K Road cliffs (Photo: Debbie Karwata)

The striking red cliffs are a highlight of this walk. It's a great spot to watch birds too. Photo: @2who_adventure_d.karwata/

5. A feast for your eyes

Layers of colour and varying landscapes make up this impressive view.

6. Sitting ducks

Sitting as still as their reflection.

7. Colourful common reeds

With red cliffs in the background

8. Footbridge over Werribee River

The bridge joins this park to Werribee Park and Werribee Mansion.

9. Red Gum picnic area

A natural setting under these magnificent trees which line the Werribee River.

10. Ramp

A gently sloping ramp to take you from river level to the top of the escarpment.

11. Whistling Kites

Whistling Kites soar above the ground, trees and water to search for prey such as carrion (dead animals) and small live animals such as mammals, birds, fish and insects.


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