Great Ocean Walk - Blanket Bay to Cape Otway lighthouse

Blanket Bay Road, Cape Otway

Great Ocean Walk - Blanket Bay to Cape Otway lighthouse

Blanket Bay Road, Cape Otway
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This is the third stage (and one of the more spectacular) sections of Victoria's stunning Great Ocean Walk, a 10km trek from Blanket Bay to the Cape Otway lighthouse.

Great Ocean Walk - Blanket Bay to Cape Otway lighthouse

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Use this free, online map to walk one of the most spectacular sections of Victoria's stunning Great Ocean Walk, a 10km moderate-level trek from Blanket Bay to the Cape Otway lighthouse.

This is considered the third stage of the 11-stage Great Ocean Walk that weaves along Victoria's southern coast from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles near Port Campbell. (See our Walking Map of Stage 1)

This section from Blanket Bay campground car park to the tourism site at Cape Otway light station takes you through coastal bushland where you can enjoy wildlife-spotting, and then continues right along the coastline to enjoy ocean views from the cliff tops.

Things to note:

There is a drop toilet at the Blanket Bay car park, and toilets at the end of the walk at Cape Otway lighthouse but none between.

You will need to clean your shoes using the supplied hygiene station at the Blanket Bay car park to help prevent the spread of fungal disease to the gorgeous grass trees you'll see along the way.

At Parker Inlet you may need to remove your shoes (and pants!) if the tide is coming in in order to cross to the next part of the track.

The lighthouse is run by a private company (Cape Otway Lightstation) and you will need to pay to view it and see inside as there are gates preventing viewing and access. Current price (2020) Adults $18.50-$19.50 and children 5-17 years $7-$7.50.

This walk took us nearly four hours to complete with an 8 and 10-year-old child but the terrain is not very challenging.

Dogs are NOT PERMITTED on the Great Ocean Walk.

Here is a great Parks Victoria Brochure about all stages of Victoria Great Ocean Walk, including best spots to camp.


Points of Interest

1. Spectacular coastal view

Want a wonderful day of walking? You've come to the right place! Victoria's Great Ocean Walk is deservedly famous. This walk is the third stage (see other stages in 'Find Out More' link).

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2. Bush track

The first part of this walk takes you inland slightly where you will enjoy dense native forest and may be lucky enough to spot some wildlife such as gang gang cockatoos , wallabies and more.

3. Koalas in the Otways

Parks Victoria describes the Otways as one of the best places in Victoria to spot koalas. There were so many at one time many starved but things are looking better now. This one looked pretty happy!

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4. Descend to Parker River Inlet

Emerge from the bush and descend to Parker Inlet where you'll be asked to clean your shoes once more to stop the spread of plant diseases. If the tide is in you may need to keep your shoes off!

5. Go at low-tide or remove your shoes!

Cross the usually shallow inlet and pick the track back up on the other side. A lovely spot for a rest, photos and a splash if it's hot. 'Find Out More' for alternative route at high-tide times.

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6. The 300 steps!

Yes, we're afraid so! You may want to count the stone steps to take your mind off the pain as you head from the beach up toward Parker Hill. The most difficult part of the day's walk ...

7. Gorgeous coastal flora

Between Parker Inlet and Crayfish Bay you'll enjoy spectacular coastal scenery. We loved the dramatic colours of the Boobyalla shrubs and other native flora against the dramatic ocean backdrop.

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8. Keep left to stay on Great Ocean Walk

Be sure to keep following the Great Ocean Walk signs.

9. Views from Seal Point over Crayfish Bay

You can detour from the track here to take a photo opportunity, or further along there is a path down onto the beach at Crayfish Bay.

10. Glimpse of the Cape Otway lighthouse

It's around this point that you'll finally get a glimpse of the Cape Otway lighthouse. Constructed in 1848 it's the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia. It looks a long way off though!

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11. Arriving at the lighthouse

Well, you've made it. Note: the lighthouse is run by private operators and adults pay $19.50 to view it. Alternatively a small track up from the car park affords this view.

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