My walk to work: Richmond to the City

178 Church St, Melbourne VIC 3121, Australia

My walk to work: Richmond to the City

178 Church St, Melbourne VIC 3121, Australia
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I love my walks to/from work, it gives me time to think about the day ahead or reflect on the day as I walk home. The bonus is that on top of this I have also done more than my half hour of exercise!

My walk to work: Richmond to the City

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This walk begins on Church Street in Richmond. A good place to start is Citizens Park on the corner of Highett Street and Church Street in Richmond.

To start the walk, begin at the corner of Cameron Street and Church Street in Richmond. The walk to the city is in a westerly direction.

The first part of the walk takes you through an old part of Richmond which is rapidly changing. In the mornings it is quite common to see hot air balloons in the sky. In this part of the walk I regularly see a local ginger cat who likes to lie in the sun on the footpath.

The second part of the walk begins after crossing Hoddle Street and turning into George Street East Melbourne. George Street is one of my favorite streets lined with big old trees and Victorian Terrace houses. I walk past the George Street café and enjoy the smells of breakfast cooking on the way past. This part of my walk is my second favorite part.

My favorite part is the third part which takes me through Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens. Many other people walk through the gardens and it is lovely to see other people around. I walk past Cooks Cottage and the Conservatory and enjoy the chance to be outside in the breeze. From here I cross Lansdowne Street and complete the final part of my walk through Treasury Gardens.


Points of Interest

1. Citizens Park

The sun rising across Citizens park on Church Street.

2. Hot air balloons

A view of the hot air balloons on Cameron Street.

3. Shoes in the air

Shoes strung up on the power lines

4. Sun on trees

The sun on the trees helps me up the only (little) hill in my walk.

5. Morning sun

The morning sun on the trees in the alley

6. Another view of hot air balloons

Another view of the hot air balloons on the way.

7. Little red car

My favorite little red car that is always parked in the same teeny tiny spot every morning.

8. A discarded loo

A discarded loo, just when I needed facilities, how convenient!!

9. East Melbourne Library

Walking past this building in the morning always makes me want to stop and spend the day there instead of going to work.

10. George Street

The shade of George Street - the best street in Melbourne if you ask me.

11. Overhanging roses

Overhanging roses - hmm smells lovely ...

12. The morning light on the trees

The morning light on the trees... I'm just realising that this might be a very strong theme......

13. Fitzroy gardens

Entering Fitzroy gardens, my favorite part of the walk

14. Flower beds

Flower beds on the way

15. Walking in Fitzroy Gardens

There are always others out and about walking through the park to work

16. Amenities - great old brick building

My amenities on the way - great old brick building

17. Light on the trees

Here comes the light on the trees comment again!

18. My shadow

My shadow----

19. On the way to work

Other people in the park on the way to work

20. Arrived in the city

I have arrived in the city the statue marks the spot

21. Into the crowds

Into the crowds, another day at work!


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