Benalla Botanical Gardens Accessible Walk

Bridge St West, Benalla 3672

Benalla Botanical Gardens Accessible Walk

Bridge St West, Benalla 3672

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45 m
2.59 km
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Follow winding paths as you walk or roll through beautiful gardens. There are tall leafy trees, many flowers including a prize Rose Garden, green lawns and a large lake to see.

Benalla Botanical Gardens Accessible Walk

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Follow winding paths as you walk or roll through beautiful gardens. There are tall leafy trees, many flowers including a prize Rose Garden, green lawns and a large lake to see.


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Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible for everyone. It is easy to do by foot, in a wheelchair or with any other mobility aid.

What can I see?
You can relax as you walk or roll wide paths through pretty gardens with a lake. There are beautiful plants and waterbirds live here. You can visit Benalla Art Gallery, War Memorials and an historic cricket ground.

How accessible is the path?
There are maps at entrances. Park paths are firm, wide and flat compacted granitic gravel. There are no steps. There may be muddy patches after rain.

The boardwalk beside the lake is wide. There are no safety rails except a bumper board at the lake edge. Fishing is permitted.

Cyclists may share some paths.

Rest areas
Seats on concrete paving and with armrests are found beside the paths. There may be small lips where the concrete meets gravel paths.

Shelters and large trees provide shade. There is a large BBQ / picnic shelter near the playground. There is paved access to other areas of shade. Lawn areas include seats, BBQs and picnic tables surrounded by grass.

The Art Gallery cafe offers dining and refreshments. There is a wheelchair ramp to the entrance. Benalla shops are over a bridge with concrete footpaths across the lake.

Accessible and bubbler water fountains are present in the gardens. Not all of them are easy to use. Carrying a water bottle is a good idea.

The gardens have well maintained accessible toilets. See the photos and descriptions.

Dogs must be on leash.

There are accessible parking spaces along the service road in front of the gardens. Those closer to the lake have small root rises in the sealed surface.

Car parks are present at 3 locations around the gardens. Mobile coverage is good. Alternative drop off and pick up points can be easily arranged. Note: 2 car parks to the rear have gravel surfaces.

Public Transport
Route 1 buses from the town centre stop on Bridge St West opposite the walk. Crossing the road requires taking a footpath to traffic lights at Arundel St (350 metres). There is ramp access at kerbs. Buses going to the town centre stop in the service road beside the walk.

Bus stops provide passenger information. There are no shelters or seats.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

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Your feedback will help us to create local walks information of high quality for carers and people with disability.

“Walking and rolling together: accessible walking trails for people with disability” is a partnership between Victoria Walks and Scope.

Logo Victoria Walks acknowledges the support of Access for All Abilities, an initiative of the Victorian Government.
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Points of Interest

1. Entrances and car parking

There are 5 entry points along Bridge St West and 4 accessible sealed parking spaces along the service road. Ramped kerbs take you to the 2.2m wide connecting concrete path.

2. Public transport

Route 1 buses pick up and drop off on either side of Bridge St West. Ramp access to the path is 30m along the service road (inbound) or 350m via traffic lights from the other side (outbound).

3. Directional signs

Maps of the gardens greet you at many points of entry. Alternative routes and car parks can be easily found.

4. Paved and shaded picnic tables

This set of picnic tables are well shaded by lush and leafy green tree cover. They have a paved surround and connection to the path.

5. Cultural features

Cultural experiences are spread throughout the gardens, including visiting exhibitions. The interesting War Memorial and Weary Dunlop statue are well worth a visit and a pause for reflection.

6. The paths

Paths are of compacted gravel, flat, broad, smooth and well maintained. There may be occasional soft patches after rain.

7. Art Gallery ramp

A 1.65m wide ramp takes you up to the Gallery front door. Inside the gallery spaces have plenty of width for wheelchairs to turn. There is a cafe for purchasing refreshments.

8. The boardwalk

Benalla Lake is a pretty expanse of water with many attractive features along its shore. The boardwalk is 3m wide with a drop to the water. There is a bumper board at the edge, but no safety rail.

9. View across Lake Benalla

The lake shore path looks across the lake to the Broken River bridge and Benalla Art Gallery.

10. Not all seating and BBQs are accessible

Some seating and BBQs require lawn crossing for access.

11. Rotunda

The only steps seen on the walk were those up to the handsome rotunda. Whether from inside or out, it is definitely worth a look.

12. BBQ pavilion

A large BBQ pavilion provides concrete flooring with room for wheelchairs. There are 2 BBQs. Tables have roll under ends with more tables outside. Bins are provided.

13. Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are available beside the picnic pavilion and near the paved BBQs by the Weary Dunlop statue. Doors are 870mm wide or greater. Toilets are generally clean and in good condition.

14. Accessible water fountains

There are a couple of these around the gardens as well as older style bubble fountains. Best to carry a water bottle.

15. Garden playground

Curving paths create a sense of mystery as you travel through the vegetation screened open air rooms of the garden playground.

16. Seating

Seats with armrests and a concrete paved base can be found within the gardens beside the path.

17. Rose Garden entry

The entry pictured is to the celebrated Benalla Rose Garden. Note the smooth, wide path connecting entries. There may be small lips where paths with different surfaces meet.

18. A garden for all seasons

As the seasons change so do these gardens. There is a landscape to match the mood of each season.


Public Transport Public Transport
Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Historical interest Historical interest
Local treasures Local treasures
Art and culture Art and culture
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden
Accessible walk Accessible walk