Wombat Bend Accessible Walk, Templestowe

Finns Reserve, Wombat Bend car park, Riverwood Lane, Templestowe 3106

Wombat Bend Accessible Walk, Templestowe

Finns Reserve, Wombat Bend car park, Riverwood Lane, Templestowe 3106

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45 m
2.3 km

Pack some refreshments to enjoy at the accessible picnic and BBQ shelters. Take in nature as you walk or roll through bushland beside the Yarra River. Experience the art in the accessible playspace.

Wombat Bend Accessible Walk, Templestowe

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Pack some refreshments to enjoy at the accessible picnic and BBQ shelters. Take in nature as you walk or roll through bushland beside the Yarra River. Experience the art in the accessible playspace.


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Take in the bushland, river and suspension bridge. The playspace has accessible features and some great public art.

Is this walk accessible for me?
The path is accessible for everyone. It is easy by foot, wheelchair or with other mobility aids.

How accessible is the path?
The path is sealed, smooth, wide and flat. No steps. It has direction signs. There are small root rises, leaves and twigs.

Wheelchairs can turn easily. There is room for side by side travel. Mobile coverage is good. There are 2 car parks and road parking for alternative pickups.

Crossing the river footbridge with safety rails may suit some mobility aid users. It has a boardwalk surface with a mild slope. There is a lip near the start and shallow scoop drain at the other end. Wheelchairs cannot turn around on this bridge (see photo).

There is also a path footbridge with a short moderate slope.

Cyclists may share some paths.

Rest areas
There are roll under BBQs and tables at the picnic shelter. It is connected to the path by smooth concrete. The playspace also has an accessible picnic shelter and BBQ. Bins are provided.

River views near the suspension bridge are from spots with dirt surfaces that may not suit some wheelchairs.

There are a few seats with armrests by the path. Other seats are surrounded by grass.

Water fountains may not be usable by everyone. Carrying a water bottle is a good idea.

There are no places to buy refreshments.

The toilet block has 1 accessible toilet in good condition and 1changing places bathroom (out of service at the time of writing - MLAK lock broken).

The playspace is fenced and dog free. Around the playspace and picnic area dogs must be on leash. Finns Reserve is an off leash area.

There are 4 off street accessible spaces from Riverwood Lane. There is 1 protected side path in between and room for rear loading.

Accessible parking is beside the path. The surface is in good condition, sealed, smooth and flat. There is tactile ramp access through the kerb onto the path. No road crossings or walking through the car park required.

Public Transport
Route 282 buses stop near Finns Reserve. Access is limited (path quality varies). There are no pedestrian crossings or traffic lights to cross roads.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of our accessible Walking Maps. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey. . Your feedback will help us to create local walks information of high quality for carers and people with disability.

“Walking and rolling together” is a partnership between Victoria Walks and Scope..

Logo Victoria Walks acknowledges the support of Access for All Abilities, an initiative of the Victorian Government.
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Points of Interest

1. Accessible parking

These 4 spaces have a protected path to a tactile ramp between them. There is plenty of room for loading and unloading to the rear.

2. Wombat Bend playspace

This is a wonderful accessible playspace. Paths are wide, play is fun with lots of art in place.

3. The path

The main path is wide smooth and flat. It is easily travelled by people with mobility aids. Water fountains are an older style and may not be accessible. It is a good idea to carry a water bottle.

4. Picnic tables and BBQ

Roll under tables and BBQs are provided. A smooth concrete surface connects to the main path. There is room for wheelchairs to move around inside tables. Tables outside have a dirt base.

5. Accessible toilets

The accessible toilet has a door 870 millimetres wide. The floor area is 2.1x4.5 metres. The Changing Places bathroom was out of service. The MLAK lock was missing.

6. Playspace accessible picnic and BBQ shelter

The shelter inside the playspace is similar to the one outside.

7. Accessible play equipment

There is a variety of accessible play equipment such as this popular flying fox and a maze. There are also many artworks to see and touch.

8. Suspension footbridge southern approach

A suspension bridge over the Yarra is 1.25 wide. It has a wooden board surface. There is a lip where the boards meet a concrete approach ramp. Wheelchair users cannot turn on the bridge.

9. Suspension footbridge northern approach

There is a shallow scoop drain on this side of the bridge.

10. Views from beside the bridge

There are viewing areas near both entries to the bridge. Both have a dirt surface and may not be accessible to all mobility aid users.

11. Signs for direction

There are signs pointing the way to the different places along the walk.

12. Seating

There are a few seats with armrests and a paved connection to the path. Others are surrounded by grass,

13. A small footbridge

This small footbridge has a 1.2 metre gap between the bollards. The short 15 metre section of path on the other side is the only moderate slope on the walk.

14. Beautiful nature

There are many beautiful native plants in the bushland along the walk. This large gum tree has just shed its bark.

15. Buses

Route 282 stops on Parker and Templestowe Roads. Paths are not all easily accessible into the Reserve from bus stops. There are no traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, only a ramped traffic island.

16. Community bus stop

There is a bus stop for community buses at the end of the driveway off Riverwood Lane.


Playground Playground
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Dog off-leash area Dog off-leash area
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Art and culture Art and culture
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden
Accessible walk Accessible walk