Lake Wendouree Accessible Walk

Pipers By The Lake, Wendouree Parade, Ballarat 3353

Lake Wendouree Accessible Walk

Pipers By The Lake, Wendouree Parade, Ballarat 3353

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Ballarat's Lake Wendouree provides a splendid, flexible and accessible walking or rolling experience for everyone. The scenery, waterbirds, boating and lakeside activities are enjoyable to see.

Lake Wendouree Accessible Walk

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Ballarat's Lake Wendouree provides a splendid, flexible and accessible walking or rolling experience for everyone. The scenery, waterbirds, boating and lakeside activities are enjoyable to see.


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Choose the whole lakeside loop or shorter sections of this outstanding accessible walk or roll in historic Ballarat.

Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible for everyone. It is easy to do by foot, in a wheelchair or with any other mobility aid.

What can I see?
You will walk or roll around a large lake with waterbirds, rowing boats, other walkers, gardens and mature trees.

How accessible is the path?
The path is sealed or compacted gravel. It is wide and well maintained. It is also smooth, flat and marked with distance signs. There are two short slopes - travelling clockwise makes these downhill.

Wheelchairs can travel side by side and easily turn on the path. The path has edges in some areas. Edges may create lips to cross to nearby lawns or facilities. Some driveway crossings into car parks around the lake are present. All have wide tactile ramps.

Cyclist may share some paths.

Rest areas
There are many shady trees. There are accessible shelters and BBQs, accessible water fountains, accessible toilets, an accessible cafe, as well as other food and drink services. There are floating jetties which may be accessed by wheelchair (see photos).

Many seats are available, including seats with armrests. The north and north-east sections have the least shade.

There are 5 accessible toilets around the lake.

Dogs must be on a leash.

Public Transport
Bus No. 10 (Gillies St North) has a shelter and passenger information. Then go through Ballarat Botanical Gardens by footpath. to the Wendouree Parade pedestrian crossing to the cafe.

The local Heritage Tram runs for tourist use on limited hours. It is not accessible.

There are several designated accessible parking spaces between Lake Wendouree and Ballarat Botanic Gardens. 2 spaces have direct access to the walking path via a protected side space and tactile ramp on a sealed flat surface. Other accessible spaces do not have ramped footpath access and require travel along the roadside to kerb ramps.

There is a wide ramped pedestrian crossing between the Botanic Gardens and the walk.

There are several accessible parking locations around the lake from which alternative start and finish points can be arranged. Mobile coverage is good.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of this accessible Walking Map. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey. Your feedback will help us to create high quality information about accessible walks.

“Together More Active” is a partnership between Victoria Walks, Disability Sport & Recreation and Regional Sport Victoria.

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Points of Interest

1. The pathways

Much of this walk, but not all, follows the Steve Moneghetti Track. The paths are smooth, and wide. Surfaces are either sealed or compacted. All are well maintained.

2. Pedestrian crossing

A pedestrian crossing with tactile ramps links both sides of Wendouree Parade directly to the walking path at Pipers by the Lake cafe.

3. Ballarat Heritage Tramway

The Ballarat Heritage Tramway may be accessible to some mobility aid users, but is not designed to be so. Hours and distance are limited for tourist use.

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4. Avoiding the steepest bit

There are two short 25 metre sections of the path that require a strong hand on a push wheelchair. The solution to this is to travel clockwise so they become short and mild downhill slopes.

5. Accessible water fountains

Both accessible and bubbler water fountains are provided beside the path. Access is generally good, but in some instances could be improved.

6. Outdoor gyms

There are outdoor gym installations beside the path. These are on accessible surfaces and spaced accordingly. Some devices are useful to mobility aid users.

7. Close to the water

You get a great lakeside view right from the water edge at many locations along the path. Note, there are no safety rails.

8. Seating

A variety of seats are spread throughout the walk. Many have armrests and are situated beside the path.

9. Driveway crossings

There are driveways to parking and other amenities on the lakeside. Crossings are ramped with tactile pads.

10. Floating jetties

Floating multipurpose jetties are ramped directly to the path for access over the water.

11. Bumps on the water

Jetties are anchored to the bank using ramped hinges. These create an opportunity to cross onto the jetty. The ramp bump and moving platform may not be accessible to all mobility aid users.

12. Signage

There are signs along the various paths describing the lake and its history and including distance markers. Make sure you check the small directional arrows closely.

13. Outdoor picnic tables, BBQs and playgrounds

Some roll under outdoor picnic tables are connected directly to the walking track. Outdoor BBQs are also provided. These may require crossing lawns. Playgrounds are not dedicated accessible features.

14. Shade and shelters

There are a many shade trees and shelters including this accessible one. The 1.45 metre wide entry is via a compacted path. There are roll under tables with turning space between and reachable BBQs.

15. Pipers by the Lake accessible cafe

Pipers by the Lake offers both outdoors and indoor food and drink service. Many mobility aid users were present when we stopped by.

16. Accessible toilets

The closest accessible toilets to the start and finish of the walk described are opposite the lake next to the northern end of Ballarat Botanic Gardens. Door 880 millimetres, area 2.05x2.75 metres.

17. A final word on accessible parking

There are many accessible car parking spaces spread along this walk. However, not all are ramped through the kerb and therefore require roadside travel or travel through car parks to footpath ramps.


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Playground Playground
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Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
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Accessible walk Accessible walk