Port Fairy walk to Griffiths Island

Bank St, Port Fairy

Port Fairy walk to Griffiths Island

Bank St, Port Fairy
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This is a must do walk for anyone visiting Port Fairy at anytime of the year! It takes you from the Visitor Information Centre, along the wharf and around Griffiths Island.

Port Fairy walk to Griffiths Island

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Port Fairy is a walkers paradise. There are many paces to walk along the rugged coastline or along the soft sand of East Beach, you can even walk all the way to Warrnambool.

It is one of Victoria's oldest towns so it is packed full of history. It has one of the largest fishing fleets along the coast and has a strong arts and music culture and is a delight to visit all year round.

The walk starts at the Visitor Information Centre, and goes to Griffith Island, which is a Shearwater (Mutton Bird) Colony so it is very important to keep to the tracks as the birds make their nests in burrows they make in the sand. No dogs are allowed on the island.

"One of Port Fairy's most spectacular summer sights is the arrival of the mutton birds, or short-tailed shearwaters, at sunset each day on Griffith Island. Towards the end of September each year the annual migration of the short-tailed shearwaters, or mutton birds, arrives on Griffiths Island from their far flung journey in the northern hemisphere. The birds spend the summer months here, raising their young, before setting off again in mid-April." (See link above for more detail).

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Many of these photos have been kindly provide by Bron Anderson, thanks Bron!


Points of Interest

1. Moyne River and Wharf

No visit to Port Fairy is complete without a wander along the wharf. This photos is taken from below the footbridge which links the town to the East Beach.

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2. Along the wharf

Wonderful to walk along the wharf to see all the boats which are a mixture of working fishing boats, charter boats and big and small sailing boats.

3. Matins Point Reserve

Great little playground that has public toilets.

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4. Griffiths Island

Grifiths Island is Shearwater (Mutton Birds ) colony, absolutely no dogs allowed.

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5. Port Fairy Coastal Reserve quarry

Remnants of one of the old bluestone quarries on the island.

6. Looking south west

Walk along the causeway that separates the island from the Moyne River (which is on the right of this photo).

7. Looking north east

On the causeway with the Moyne River behind as the sun rises. On a clear still morning it is simply gorgeous.

8. Norfolk Island Pines

The trees are around remnants of a stone keepers’ cottage that from when the Island as also a bluestone quarry . It was also a whaling station at one time.

9. The Port Fairy Lighthouse

Griffiths Island Lighthouse was built in 1859 as a navigation aid at a time when Port Fairy was becoming an important trading port for western Victoria.

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10. The Southern Ocean

Looking out to the Southern Ocean. Beautiful on cleave sunny mornings. One days when the surf is up, some of the more talented locals can be seen out on their boards.

11. The shoreline rocks

It can be great fun clambering over the rocks along the shore, if you have children with you they will love it.

12. Along the beach.

Walking along the beach is a joy, it's also a good spot for snorkelling on calm days, but the water can get a bit cool.

13. Captain Mills Cottage

Originally built in 1843, for John Mills who was the Habour Master from 1853-1871, it is one of the oldest surviving timber houses in Victoria. Click link for a short video from the National Trust.

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14. Sackville St

Port Fairy's main street. It has a pharmacy, a super market, the banks and many small shops and cafes.

15. Port Fairy Village Green

A nice spot to sit and eat an ice-cream at the end of your walk. It's a popular free outdoor venue when the Port Fairy Folk Festival is on (see link).

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