Serendip Sanctuary Accessible Walk

Serendip Sanctuary, Windemere Rd., Lara 3212

Serendip Sanctuary Accessible Walk

Serendip Sanctuary, Windemere Rd., Lara 3212

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The woodlands and wetlands visited on this interesting and accessible looping walk are home to kangaroos, wallabies, emus and 150 species of birds. Views across the lakes are particularly special.

Serendip Sanctuary Accessible Walk

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The woodlands and wetlands visited on this interesting and accessible looping walk are home to kangaroos, wallabies, emus and 150 species of birds. Views across the lakes are particularly special.


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Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible for everyone, by foot, wheelchair or other mobility aids.

What can I see?
The Sanctuary has woodlands and wetlands with kangaroos, wallabies, emus and many birds.

How accessible is the path?
Paths are generally flat and wide without steps. Surfaces are firm compacted gravel. Minor rough areas are present due to underlying rock. Paths may be edged, have drop offs to water or uneven ground without safety rails. When wet, muddy areas are present.

The bridge near the start of the walk is not as easy to access as it could be (please see photos).

Mapped bird hides are accessible with room to turn, wheelchair space and chair height windows. The corridor to them has a bumpy, but rollable surface. The slope from this corridor is downhill if you follow the map. Some erosion is present.

There is room for side-by-side travel, to turn a wheelchair and there are paths for shorter routes. There is only one point of entry for drop off and pick up. Parks Vic service vehicles can access all locations along the walk. Mobile phone coverage is good.

There are many accessible informative and directional signs.

Rest areas
There is an accessible shelter with old picnic tables and BBQs at the car park. Outdoor picnic tables and BBQs are old and have lips. Bird hides offer shelter. The walk is exposed to the weather. Be SunSmart. There are no food or drink services. Take your rubbish home.

There is an accessible toilet at the picnic area. The drinking fountain outside it is not accessible. Carry your own water on the walk.

Dogs and cyclists are not permitted.

The car park has plenty of room. The surface is firm and generally smooth with scattered leaves and twigs. The car park is crossed to get to the start of the walk. There is no public transport or allocated accessible parking.

Wooden logs mark the car park with a gap of 1.25 metres. There are no kerbs.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of this accessible Walking Map. Please tell us by completing this five minute survey. Your feedback will help us to create high quality information about accessible walks.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

“Together More Active: accessible walking trails for people with disability” is a partnership between Victoria Walks, Disability Sport & Recreation and Regional Sport Victoria.

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Points of Interest

1. The start

A 1.9 metre wide compacted gravel path connects directly to the car park. Accessible signs sharing information, maps and distances are provided at the start of the walk.

2. Path edges

Some paths are edged. This may create obstacles or lips to cross if you choose to leave the path.

3. The bridge

A watercourse bridge of wooden boards has gaps greater than the recommended 13 millimetres. Small wheel chairs may need some assistance.

4. Bridge access

The slopes to the bridge are mildly rough and could do with maintenance. You can get around this lip, but the bridge needs attention.

5. Coming off the bridge

There is a slotted grate coming off the bridge. It is a wheel trap for narrow wheeled chairs. Until it is replaced, make sure you cross at an angle.

6. Directional signs

Every intersection has an accessible directional sign to guide walkers and rollers through the Sanctuary.

7. Enclosure gates

Gates are wide and spring loaded for easy access to enclosures.

8. Seating

Outdoor seating is limited. None have armrests that we found. This one in the kangaroo enclosure is next to one of many accessible interpretive signs describing local wildlife and habitat.

9. The corridor

A paling fence corridor connects two bird hides and enclosures. It is rollable, but due to drip lines from the shade cloth framework above it is bumpy and can be wet.

10. Accessible bird hides

The walk as mapped has some great bird observation points including hides. The door to this one is 1.0 metres wide. There is wheelchair turning space and accessible windows are provided inside.

11. A slope

The walk as mapped avoids inaccessible slopes and obstacles. The slope coming out of the corridor between the bird hides is downhill if you follow the map. There are small areas of erosion.

12. The enclosures

The open enclosures have wide, smooth, flat paths with rope barriers that make it easy to see birds and animals.

13. Wide paths

The main connecting paths between enclosures and observation points are Parks Vic service roads for the Sanctuary. These are very wide, good for side by side walking or rolling.

14. Wildlife

It is hard to pick which wildlife to show, but the roaming emus are definitely a special treat.

15. Shelter

Much of the walk is exposed to the weather. There is a shelter at the pond used for education sessions with visitors and in the bird hides.

16. Lake Serendip

The Lake Serendip bird hide is inaccessible, this boardwalk is a good observation point. There are no safety rails. The nearby bench seat is on uneven ground. There is no accessibility beyond here.

17. Birdlife

With 150 bird species represented at Serendip, there is never a shortage of observations. With water the ephemeral lakes teem with life.

18. Native plants

There are many different native plants to admire throughout the Sanctuary, such as these colourful melaleuca flowers.

19. Accessible picnic shelter

An accessible picnic shelter has plenty of room to move a wheelchair around. It has old style tables and BBQ with hot plates that are reachable from a wheelchair.

20. Outdoor picnic tables

Outdoor picnic tables and BBQs are old styles. Some are mounted on concrete pads with lips.

21. Accessible toilet

There is an accessible toilet at the picnic area beside the car park. Door 880 millimetres, area 1.9x1.52 metres.

22. Drinking water

The water fountain outside the accessible toilet is not accessible. Carry your own water.

23. Car parking

The car park has plenty off room for loading and unloading. However, there are no allocated accessible parking spaces.

24. Crossing the car park

The surface is flat, firm and generally smooth. The gap between the boundary logs is bare earth at 1.25 metres.


Picnic spot Picnic spot
Drinking water available Drinking water available
Seating available Seating available
Public toilets Public toilets
Pram friendly Pram friendly
Nature trail Nature trail
Lake, creek, river Lake, creek, river
Park / Garden Park / Garden
Accessible walk Accessible walk