Plenty Gorge Park Accessible Walk, South Morang

Red Gum picnic area, Gordons Rd., South Morang 3752

Plenty Gorge Park Accessible Walk, South Morang

Red Gum picnic area, Gordons Rd., South Morang 3752

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40 m
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This walk or roll on a firm and wide compacted gravel path encircles a rehabilitated landfill site near Morang Wetlands. Enjoy kangaroo watching, views to the creek-line and to the gorge.

Plenty Gorge Park Accessible Walk, South Morang

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This walk or roll on a firm and wide compacted gravel path encircles a rehabilitated landfill site near Morang Wetlands. Enjoy kangaroo watching, views to the creek-line and to the gorge.


Take this walk or roll for views to the open grassland and surrounding wooded creek-line with birds and wildlife to see.

Is this walk accessible for me?
This walk is accessible to everyone by foot, wheelchair or other mobility aid.

How accessible is the path?
The path follows Landfill Track, a locked gate dirt road used by management service vehicles. Direction signs mark Landfill Track. Most of the distance is flat. The back of the loop has a modest slope down and then up again. Travel clockwise to reduce the slope. Manual wheelchair users may require assistance.

The path is in good condition. It is 2 - 3 meters wide. The surface is firm compacted gravel. There are no steps or overhead obstacles. Some path edges may be soft.

There is room to turn a wheelchair and for side-by-side walking or rolling. Choosing a return route is a shorter option. Mobile phone coverage is good. There are no other car parks on this route.

The path is exposed to the weather for its full length. No drinking water is available. Carry water. There are no seats along the path.

Rest areas
Red Gum picnic area has a non-accessible playground and 4 dispersed picnic tables. There are no connecting paths, transit is across a grassy and cracked earth surface.

There is a 1.5 meter gravel path through a 1.2 meter wide bollard gap from the accessible parking to the accessible toilet. It is at the rear of the block.

Pets are not permitted. Cyclists may share the path.

Public Transport
Bus 382 stops at the Gordons / Plenty Rd intersection. The stop has a shelter, passenger information and seating. It is 100 meters to the car park by concrete footpath.

Trains to South Morang Station on Plenty Rd use the Mernda Line.

Drivers can pick up / drop off people or park in the fenced Red Gum car park. There are 2 accessible spaces with a protected side zone. Rear un/loading is to where car park traffic passes. The surface is sealed, smooth and flat.
The start of the walk is 20 meters along the single lane car park driveway to the exit. The perimeter is fenced. Wheeled mobility aid users need to travel through the car park. People on foot can cut across the grass. There are no kerbs or road crossings.

The following photos and descriptions provide more information regarding accessibility. Conditions may change. If you notice any variations, please let us know.

We would like to know what people with disability and carers think of this accessible Walking Map. Please tell us by completing this 5 minute survey. Your feedback will help us to create high quality information about accessible walks.

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Points of Interest

1. Red Gum car park accessible parking

There are 2 marked accessible spaces with a side protected zone in front of the 1.5 meter wide gravel path to the toilet block. The bollard gap is 1.2 meters. Note the car park is fenced.

2. Accessible toilet

The accessible toilet is to the rear of the block where the path gets bumpier. The door width is 0.76 meters. The floor area is 1.76x 2.6 meters.

3. Crossing the grass

If you don't have wheels you can cross the grass between the car park and path to avoid walking through the car park.

4. Starting the walk

The beginning of the path is 2.0 meters wide with gaps to the bollard of 1.1 meters.

5. Follow Tank Track

Next take Tank Track with a 6 meter wide, smooth asphalt surface. It is a locked gate service road, so safe to walk or roll. There is a bollard fenced pedestrian entry to begin or use the side path.

6. Spread out picnic tables

The Red Gum picnic area has 4 widely dispersed picnic tables on a grassy, cracked surface. These are not roll under. There are deep lips. There are no connecting paths.

7. The vent

At this vent, follow the signed Landfill Circuit Track left around this rehabilitated hilltop (once a rubbish dump). Walking or rolling clockwise minimises the rise on the opposite side.

8. The path

The loop path here is 2-3 meters wide with a surface of compacted gravel. It is firm and smooth. There is room for side by side walking or rolling.

9. Birdlife

Many birds live in and visit the park. Galahs such as these are a common sighting. Birds of prey are often seen overhead. Many smaller birds favour the shelter of the woodlands.

10. Water holes

The creek-line beside the path is made up of a series of pretty waterholes.

11. Path to Morang Wetlands

Morang Wetlands Centre Track takes you to the extensive lakes and wetlands of an adjoining loop described via the walk link below. The steep connecting gully track will not be accessible to everyone.

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12. Mobs of kangaroos

The park is home to a large population of Easter-grey kangaroos. They are quite used to people. It is still best to keep a distance. They can get aggressive.

13. Magnificent trees

The height and breadth of some of the River Red Gum canopies is simply awe inspiring.

14. Wetlands

This side of the loop has a number of wetlands with significant reed beds. There are often many frog calls to hear.

15. A rise

There is a modest slope at this corner back up from the wetland area to where the path levels again. Manual wheelchair users may require assistance.

16. Nokia Bush Camp Road

Unless you plan to take advantage of the bunkhouse overnight accomodation at Nokia Bush Camp, continue past this turnoff.

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17. View to Le Page homestead

This view looks over the escarpment to a layer of the Plenty River Gorge where settlers began farming in the 1850s. You can see the original homestead.


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