Majorca: Glory Days and Golden Times

Talbots Road, Majorca VIC 3465, Australia

Majorca: Glory Days and Golden Times

Talbots Road, Majorca VIC 3465, Australia

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Wander in the footsteps of the gold rush pioneers with this leisurely walk through the historic village and forest areas of Majorca in Central Victoria.

Majorca: Glory Days and Golden Times

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Wander in the footsteps of the gold rush pioneers with this leisurely walk through the historic village and forest areas of Majorca in Central Victoria.


Our starting point is the historic Majorca Town Hall at 332 Talbot Road. This elegant building is now the hub for community events in the township, holds a monthly old time dance, as well as being available for hire. There is a sheltered community barbecue area (free electric barbecue), public toilets, access to water, seating, children’s playground and community noticeboard.
Turn north down Talbot Rd, head toward the Public Gardens to visit the Cenotaph and consider the impact of the lives lost in a small community during WWI&II. Climb the embankment around the small public lake and see the artistry involved in the bluestone spillway and drain. This was a romantic lake promenade during the prosperous days of the late 19th Century and still contains some hidden horticultural gems. Nearby are the well maintained Majorca Tennis Courts.
Return to Talbot Rd, head right, then right again into Majorca-Rodborough Rd, then right into Williams Rd.
Head along the dirt road where you will see a cottage perched high on the hill. This privately owned home was once the School Masters’ residence and, to the right, was a grand Dutch-styled Majorca Primary School. This beautiful building was destroyed by bushfire in 1985, as were many other homes in Majorca.
Turn right into Galloways Rd, head down the hill to the old Majorca Post Office on your left. This red-brick building was built in 1871 and still contains the old counter and delivery boxes. In the vacant paddock next door is the site of the old Majorca Court House, a classical style redbrick with huge bluestone footings.
Turn left (south) into Church St and pass the imposing Methodist Church, gothic design in red brick and now a private residence. Then turn left into Albert St and right into the small dirt track (a continuation of Grant St). Follow this track and take time at the top to discover the old community reservoir to the right as the forest becomes denser. This was built in the late 1800’s to supply more water to the township. Follow the track through the forest and see native wildlife and flora.
The track opens out onto Wrights Rd, where you’ll turn right and follow until you reach Talbot Rd to turn right. At this corner was a simple red brick church, destroyed by the ’85 fires.
Continue along Talbot Rd, see the historic standpipe and trough, followed by the old Majorca Haberdashery/Newsagents which, once a magnificent building with crinoline dresses hanging out the front, is now a condemned building.
To the right are bluestone remnants of the Harp of Erin Hotel, followed by the National Trust classified London Chartered Bank Building. The archways are particularly of note, plus the reinforced door and boot scrapers.
Opposite is the ghostly advertising sign “Witch” on the wall of the Majorca Store with its imposing façade. Built in 1866 and once a hub of the township, it is now in a state of disrepair.
Continue along Talbot Road, finish back at the Town Hall.

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Points of Interest

1. Majorca Town Hall, Talbot Road

Majorca’s hub for community events. Built in 1876, this bluestone & render structure was ravaged by fire in 1985 however the shell was salvaged and renovations have brought the building back to life.

2. Majorca Cenotaph, Talbot Road

A poignant symbol of lives lost in WWI & II, consider the impact on the village. This memorial was regilded in 2013 with community donations & support from Peter Stewart at FJC Memorials, Maryborough.

3. Majorca Public garden & lake

A decorative lake with crafted bluestone spillway and drain. Once a romantic promenade with beautiful gardens, a few specimen trees remain on the east side and huge sugar gums reach to the sky.

4. Majorca school residence, Williams St

This privately owned cottage was once the residence for Primary School Headmasters. After many years abandoned, the current owners have restored its charm.

5. Majorca Primary School site

The site of historic Majorca Primary School (No. 764), built in 1868. This grand school was damaged in the 1985 fire but, allegedly demolished and removed before restoration assessment was made.

6. Majorca Post Office, Galloways Road

Built in 1871, this old Post and Telegraph Office was once the key communication point in the township. With its original front counter and post boxes, it is now a private residence.

7. Site of the Majorca Court House

Little is known about the Majorca Court House. It was demolished early in the 1900’s but the site indentation and some of the huge bluestone footings can still be seen on the vacant land.

8. Former Methodist Church

Now a private home, this imposing Gothic styled Church overlooks the once-bustling township.

9. Majorca bushland

Enjoy the natural bush track with local flora and fauna. To the west is the old reservoir, providing water to the township back in the 1800s. The pine trees form a perimeter.

10. Church of England site

The St James Church of England was destroyed in the 1985 bushfires and only loose bricks remain as a sad reminder of the past.

11. Standpipe and memorial trough

The original 1860 cast iron and bluestone standpipe remains from days where water would be collected for residential and commercial use. The memorial troughs are throughout regional Victoria.

12. Old Haberdashery and Newsagency

This crumbling redbrick building was once a hive of activity for dressmakers, then as a newsagency. Derelict for many years now, the building has sadly been allowed to deteriorate beyond repair.

13. Harp of Erin Hotel remains

The bustling Harp Of Erin Hotel remained in business from the late 1800’s until the early 1900’s, finally falling into disrepair. There are only a few bluestones remaining now.

14. Former London Chartered Bank

Built in 1865, this grand building with block-work render and arched windows and doors is classified by the National Trust. Of note are the arched boot scrapers beside the doorway.

15. “Witch” advertising sign

This painted sign on the wall represents a common form of advertising before the billboard era. Now known as Ghost Signs, these faded reminders of old advertisements will one day be lost forever.

16. Old Majorca Store

With its intriguing façade, this building once housed a general store then fabric supplies. Now a private residence, the building is showing signs of its age.


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