Walk to Mount Cooper Hill

River Red Gum Ave, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia

Walk to Mount Cooper Hill

River Red Gum Ave, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia
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48 m
3.8 km
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Walk to Mount Cooper starting from Bundoora Park entrance walking through segments of the park, street roads reaching the top of Mount Cooper.

Walk to Mount Cooper Hill

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I began to walk to the top of Mount Cooper via Bundoora park, walking through playground drive which on opposing sides has plenty of play equipment, and many facilities such as free bbqs, sheltered picnic sites, seating benches, water fountains. There are also plenty of these features throughout the park in other segments.

Towards the end of playground drive I took a shortcut through the grass making my way onto the footpath of snake gully drive, moving towards prospect hill drive and Parkview Crescent. The housing in these streets was quite good-looking, seemed very expensive and lavish. Most of the houses were at least double storied, some even up to 5.

I also discovered taking this route through the streets is easier in reaching mount cooper as I don't start walking from the bottom of the hill.

From Pleasantview Crescent I walked towards the top of the Mount Cooper Hill. It wasn't really that steep and from the top of the hill I discovered the scenery and outlook was very beautiful. I also found out interestingly enough it's the highest point in Melbourne's metropolitan area. There was about a 180 degrees view and outlook and overview of everything in the far distance including houses, far mountains and hills, and the nice green scenery of trees and grass. There's also a nice view of Melbourne's skyline.

After taking in the scenery from different directions I made my way down the hill back to the entrance/exit. As I was going down the hill on river red gum avenue I found to my surprise a nice lake with ducks in it and a bench. It was a nice spot for me to sit down, relax for awhile, and enjoy the sight. I later made my way to the exit. Throughout my walking trip I noticed it was nice and quite even when walking through the walking routes of the park. There was also many of noises of what seemed to be native bird noises and chirps of what seemed to be kookaburras.

It could also be worth of interest to check out the Bundoora Children's Farm for visits with the family and taking advantage of the parks facilities. For more information about the children's farm check:


Points of Interest

1. Overlook of Playground Reserve

This is a very nice overview look of the playground reserve in the park which includes plenty of playground equipment, free public sheltered barbeque, bins, nicely cut grass and water fountains.

2. Oval

One of the best ovals around. This one looks very nice and green with very finely cut grass. Looking good for ball games and running.

3. Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

This art centre is a historic house gallery with a cafe and free admission. The front garden looks amazing.

4. Beautiful looking house

This house or mansion was the finest looking in my opinion out of the already nice looking houses in the street and area. I thought it was a hotel.

5. Electric towers

Two electric towers located close-by the hill just on the edge.

6. Mount Cooper scenery view

A very nice distant outlook from the top of the hill. A lot can be seen from here. It's 137 meters above sea level- the highest point in Melbourne's metro area.

7. Lake

This lake (or pond) had many ducks swimming in it. The bench there was great for sitting down, relaxing, and seeing the ducks.

8. Electric towers

Two big electric towers close-by the hill just on the edge.


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